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RASP M2P 16GB 1Y :: 16-GB Max2Play for Raspberry Pi, one-year license


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Operating your Raspberry Pi has never been easier!

What is Max2Play?
Max2Play provides a browser-based administration interface for Linux-based minicomputers such as the Raspberry Pi. Max2Play lets you install and administer applications (Max2Play plugins) on a minicomputer without any knowledge of Linux. You can control it via smartphone, tablet or computer, i.e. without connecting a mouse and keyboard to the minicomputer.

The Max2Play software is already pre-installed on the 16-GB microSD card (Class 10) and only needs to be integrated into the Raspberry Pi. You will also receive a one-year license that gives you full access to all of the Max2Play premium expansions and their updates.

Why not just program it yourself?
There are many interesting Raspberry Pi projects, such as using the Raspberry Pi camera with the Raspberry Pi 3, but lots of people want to achieve their goals quickly and easily instead of acquiring specific knowledge. Max2Play was designed with these people in mind.
You simply buy a Raspberry Pi, plus accessories such as the Raspberry Pi camera, the HiFiBerry sound card or the Raspberry Pi LCD touchscreen, as appropriate, and the rest is a breeze. The accessories or complete bundles, consisting of hardware and software, can be found under "Datasheets & Downloads".

You can currently choose from 14 premium plugins:
• Raspberry Pi camera plugin (adds the Raspberry Pi camera and web interface with motion control and live camera images)
• Print server plugin (makes a printer connected to the Raspberry Pi available in the network)
• Bluetooth plugin (connects Bluetooth loudspeakers to audio applications in the Raspberry Pi)
• Raspberry Pi touchscreen plugin (provides easy installation for different display sizes)
• Raspberry Pi Sense HAT plugin (lets you measure temperature, air humidity and air pressure, as well as log data)
• FHEM server plugin (installs a FHEM server for home automation)
• HomeMatic plugin (checks for the presence of HomeMatic variables and sets these)
• Raspberry Pi Settings plugin (expands the options for configuring, setting up and maintaining the Raspberry Pi)
• Access Point plugin (converts the Raspberry Pi into an access point for WIFI devices)
• Imageburner plugin (converts the Raspberry Pi into an SD card burner)
• Jivelite plugin (adds a visualization to control Squeezebox playback)
• Multisqueeze plugin (controls several Squeezelite players at the same time on one device)
• VNC server plugin (installs and configures a full-value VNC server)
• SD Card Write Protection plugin (prevents data loss and damage to the SD card being used thanks to SD card writing protection)

There are also 18 more freemium plugins that are currently available
• HiFiBerry plugin (aligns the selected HiFiBerry sound card and offers one-click setup for audio players)
• WIFI and LAN plugin (adds settings to connect to WIFI and LAN networks)
• Audio player plugin (configures the Squeezelite and Shairport audio players)
• Mount file system plugin (provides access to external network storage and enables file paths in the network)
• MPD music player plugin (adds the MPD music player as well as the YMPD and Ampache web interfaces)
• DLNA server plugin (converts the Raspberry Pi into a DLNA server with the MiniDLNA expansion)
• Squeezebox server plugin (synchronises an individual player in the network and manages favourites, music lists and plugins)
• ...and even more plugins!

Please note:
• A screenshot of the browser-based Max2Play user interface for the Raspberry Pi is shown in the product images
• License registration, the Max2Play forum and interesting news can be found at
• Useful videos on the administration interface or the plugins are available in German and English at YouTube -> Max2Play
• Once the license has expired, updates or new premium plugins can no longer be purchased, however you do still have full access to your premium expansion

Included in delivery:
• 16-GB microSD card, including the Max2Play software (RRP = EUR 17.99)
• One-year license code (RRP = EUR 9.99)
• Quick-start guide

Manufacturer : MAX2PLAY
Factory number : 16GB-M2P-1Y
Package weight : 0.02 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
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    • Software