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reichelt elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
Elektronikring 1
26452 Sande Germany

phone: +49 (0)4422 955-333
mail: info@reichelt.de

Measurement Equipment

Current and voltage calibration devices, current loop calibrators, pressure and temperature calibrators.
USB Oscilloscopes and Function Generators, USB Measuring Laboratories, Data Loggers and Measuring Software
Clamp Meters, Current Clamp Meters, mA Process Clamp, Current Transformer Clamp Meter, Electrical Tester
Electronic loads in various types and power areas.
Radiation Meters, Distance Meters, Speed Meters, Energy Meters, Luxmeters, Anemometers, Thermometers, Sound Meters and much more.
Function Generators, Arbitrary Function Generators, Universal Counter.
Panel Meters, Hour Meters and Moving-Iron/Coil Instruments in analog and digital Technology.
Laboratory Power Supplies, Laboratory AC Power Supplies and insulation Transformers with analog and digital Displays.
Banana Jacks, Test Leads, Test Kits, Lab Safety Program, Laboratory System
Various sets and measuring device combinations for a variety of different areas of applications.
Metal detectors in various models for the locating of metals.
Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter, Bench Meter, Inductance Meter, Capacity Meter and Accessories for Multimeters
Oscilloscopes, Power Meters, Measuring Bridges, HAMEG Modular System, Arbitrary Power Supplies as well as Probes, Accessories.
Pocket Scales, School Scales, Parcel Scales, Hanging Scales and Counting Scales
Insulation Meters, Function Generators, Component Testers, Cable Locator, Power Meter and Voltage Detectors.
Thermal Imaging Cameras for Industrial and Construction Sectors in different Versions
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