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EA EPA20-A :: ePaper display 5.1 cm (2"), 172 x 72 pixels


Unsurpassed contrast and viewing angle
The new ePaper displays from the EA EPA series offer the most neutral display possible for text and graphics. The displays are available as pure black and white displays with two additional greyscales.
With approx. 90 dpi, the displays have a very high resolution and are therefore also suitable for the most precise images. These displays are also extremely easy to read without lighting.

Technical data
• The most high-contrast ePaper LCD display
• Wider viewing angle range
• Electrophoretic-active matrix display 5.1 cm (2") with 172 x 72 pixels
• Controller SSD1606 with SPI (four-wire) interface
• Power supply: +3.3 V single-supply
• No additional voltages required
• Operating temperature range: 0 C - 50°C
• Standby power 0 W (content can be read)
• Power consumption when content changes approx. 40 mW (~3-second screen update)
• On-chip display RAM
• On-chip booster and regulator for gate and source voltages
• Four greyscales — black, dark grey, light grey, white

Factory number : EA EPA20-A
Package weight : 0.02 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information