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EA EDIP-TFT43ATC :: Intelligent 10.9 cm (4.3") touch TFT, capacitive, with fonts


The EA eDIPTFT series
At long last we have TFT displays that can be operated straight away and that have the full range of functions already installed right from the word go. 5 V DC and an RS-232, I²C or SPI interface are required.

All fonts and functions to operate the display and touch panel can be used instantly.
• No PC/embedded system necessary
• Low power, max. 900 mW (except 5.7" and 7")
• No training in software or programming tools required
• Instantly fully operational once switched on
• Extreme acceleration from time-to-market
• Functions tried and tested a hundred times over
• Unparalleled flexibility thanks to powerful commands and various interfaces (RS-232, I²C, SPI)
• Extremely compact design

Various installed fonts
Various fonts are installed in different sizes in the displays. In addition, all Windows fonts can be integrated (including decorative fonts or Cyrillic, Hebrew etc.). For vertical installation, the display and fonts can be rotated 90° independently of each other.

Extensive graphics commands, editor/compiler
For example a touch key, bar graph, sections, images, animations, character string centred etc. are integrated. An appealing screen layout is created with just a few easy-to-understand commands. All commands are based on coordinates and can therefore be used and moved one pixel at a time. For demo purposes and initial tests, an in-built self-test function is integrated: simply set the "Test" pin to low.
An editor/compiler is available free of charge for initial demos during which the internal flash memory can be used to create predefined screen layouts. TIFF, JPG, TGA and GIF animations can also be stored. The free software can be found under "Datasheets & Downloads"

Extremely compact
The design of this innovative display is extremely space-saving and is optimised for maximum display surface: There are no projecting circuit boards or contact pads for plugs or cables, thereby making the viewing window the perfect size.
The integrated graphics controller, the integrated temperature compensation feature and integrated negative power supply also save circuit board space. Communication takes place via the same serial interfaces as with other TFTs: RS-232, SPI or I²C bus.

Quick and easy installation
These TFT displays are, like all EA DIP modules, simply inserted and soldered into the circuit board. You do not have to worry about bolts, spacers or cables.
For standard screw-down assembly (together with the suitable aluminium built-in cover as may be the case) there are two mounting tabs, which are simply hooked in.

Technical data
• TFT graphical display with graphics function
• 480 x 272 pixels, 16-bit colour (65,536 colours) with LED lighting
• Rotated installation 272 x 480 pixels (orientation can be changed via a command)
• 4-MB on-board flash memory for fonts, images, animations and macros
• Supply voltage: 5 V/180 mA
• Eight predefined fonts, customisable
• Font zoom from approx. 2 mm up to approx. 80 mm, can be rotated in 90-degree increments
• Three different on-board interfaces: RS232, I²C or SPI
• Pixel-to-pixel positioning across all functions
• Straight, point, area, bar graph...
• Mix images, animations, text and graphics
• Multilingual function thanks to macro pages
• Lighting can be controlled using software
• Analogue or capacitive touch panel
• Freely definable pushbuttons and switches
• Eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs
• Two analogue inputs, easy to program

Factory number : EA EDIPTFT43-ATC
Package weight : 0.462 kg
RoHS : conform
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