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SOLAR-4000 :: Amprobe SOLAR-4000 solar analyser


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Peak output and U I characteristic curve analysis
  • Display
    • Display
    • 2-line, 16 characters
    • Display
    • LCD
  • Implementation
    • Protection class
    • IP 20
    • Safety
    • CAT II 1000 V / CAT III 600 V
    • Type of battery
    • Lithium polymer battery

Peak performance and UI characteristics analyser for photovoltaic systems.

Mobile hand-held measuring instrument (SOLAR-4000 ANALYSER)
With the new SOLAR-4000, the current-voltage characteristics can no longer be detected only by photovoltaic individual modules but also from module strings. The I/U curve, short-circuit current, open circuit voltage, power, radiation, temperature and inclination angle are recorded with a 16-bit processor. For each measurement, the SOLAR-4000 sets the measuring range and sampling rate perfectly. The device can be operated easily and intuitively via a menu-driven colour touch screen. The measured characteristic curve from the SOLAR-4000 can
be converted to STC conditions and displayed via the readings from the sensor. In addition, you can use the built-in module database to display the STC ideal characteristic curve from the manufacturer.

Wireless sensor (SOLAR-4000 SENSOR)
Without any contact, the wireless sensor measures the cell temperature,
inclination angle and the irradiation in the solar module level.
The measured values are transmitted by radio directly to the main unit.
For the measurement of solar radiation, the reference cell automatically switches between a mono- and polycrystalline cell.

Analysis software
You can use the software on the PC to evaluate, manage and store the recorded module data. The performance data is calculated and can be compared with STC values. The measured data are stored in the respective customer or system directory via a tree structure by following a few steps in a guided Wizard.
More measurements from the same system can be freely added according to date
and compared with the software.

• Quick and precise measurement — approx. 30 s
• Easy identification of faults and defects on
PV plants and PV modules
• Very light and easy-to-handle instrument
• Wireless communication between ANALYSER and SENSOR
• Non-contact temperature measurement
• Measurement of mono- and polycrystalline solar cells (measurement of
Thin-film modules on request, without STC calculation)
• Simple menu navigation via colour touch screen
• Large measuring range: 1.0–1000 V and 0.1–15.0 A
• Creation of equipment and maintenance records
• Output comparison over several years
• Built-in battery enables measurements over several hours
• Instrument and software have more than 5000 module data records
• Free module-date updates regularly available
• Quick and easy installation of the sensor using the supplied
quick-release directly on the solar module
• Auswertungs-Software also supplied

Included with delivery
1x protective case with foam insert
6x PV test lead sets (MC3, MC4, Huber+Suhner, Tyco, SunClix and without PV connectors)
1x SENSOR bracket
1x SD card (PC software with manual)
1x USB SD/SDHC card reader
2x chargers
2x operating instructions

Technical data:

• Display 3.2-inch colour LCD touch screen
• Measurement: I/U characteristic diagram, short-circuit current, open circuit voltage, power, MPP current, MPP voltage
• Calculated values: STC values (short-circuit current, open circuit voltage, MPP electricity, MPP voltage), fill factor, MPP output,
• Voltage measuring range: 1.0–1000 V (< ±1%) (Uoc > 5 V)
• Current measuring range: 0.1–15.0 A (< ± 1%)
• Measuring connection: Measuring cable
• Measurement time characteristic curve: 15–30 seconds
• Memory for measurement curves: depending on the size of the SD memory card
• Power supply: lithium-polymer battery
• Auto power off: adjustable (1–15 minutes)
• Interface: wireless connection to the SENSOR and SD/SDHC memory card for PC
• Contamination level: IP20
• Protection class: II
• Measurement category: CAT II/1000 V, CAT III/600 V
• Safety in accordance with: EN 61010-1, EN 61010-31
• Operating temperature: 0 - +50 °C
• Instrument dimensions: 210 mm x 105 mm x 41 mm
• Weight: approx. 500 g

• Display: LC display (2 lines, 16 characters)
• Measurement: Global irradiation, module temperature, inclination angle
• Temperature measurement range: 0–100°C
• Irradiation measurement range: 100–1200 W/m² (± 5%)
• Measuring connection: contactless
• Reference cells: 1x monocrystalline cell, 1x polycrystalline cell
• Power supply: lithium-polymer battery
• Interface: wireless connection to ANALYSER
• Ambient temperature: 0 to +60°C
• Protection rating: IP20
• Instrument dimensions: 160 mm x 82 mm x 41 mm
• Weight: approx. 200 g

Manufacturer : AMPROBE
Factory number : 4099097
Package weight : 4.923 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Peak output and U I characteristic curve analysis
  • Display
    • Display
    • 2-line, 16 characters
    • Display
    • LCD
  • Implementation
    • Protection class
    • IP 20
    • Safety
    • CAT II 1000 V / CAT III 600 V
    • Type of battery
    • Lithium polymer battery