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OP 482 GSZ :: Operational Amplifier Quad 4MHz SOIC-14

Item-No.: OP 482 GSZ
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

OP 482 GSZ

The OP282/OP482 dual and quad operational amplifiers feature excellent speed at exceptionally low supply currents. The slew rate is typically 9 V/µs with a supply current of less than 250 µA per amplifier. These unity-gain stable amplifiers have a typical gain bandwidth of 4 MHz.
The JFET input stage of the OP282/OP482 ensures that the bias current is typically a few picoamps and is less than 500 pA over the full temperature range. The offset voltage is less than 3 mV for the dual amplifier and less than 4 mV for the quad amplifier.

Manufacturer : ANALOG DEVICES
Factory number : OP482GSZ
Package weight : 0.001 kg
RoHS : conform
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