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MCP 8026-115E/MP :: Brushless driver, BLDC motor, 6 - 28 V, QFN-40

Item-No.: MCP 8026-115E/MP
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

MCP 8026-115E/MP

The MCP8026 is a 3-phase brushless motor gate driver and power module that integrates the following features: key-off sleep mode, a LIN transceiver, a buck voltage regulator, two LDO regulators, power monitoring comparators, an over-temperature sensor, a zero-crossing detector, a neutral simulator, a comparator and an operational amplifier for motor current monitoring.
The phase comparator and multiplexer allow for hardware commutation detection. The neutral simulator allows commutation detection without a neutral tap in the motor. The buck converter is capable of delivering 750 mW of power for powering a companion microcontroller. The buck regulator may be disabled if not used. The on-board 5-V and 12-V low dropout voltage regulators are capable of delivering 30 mA of current.

• Integrated operational amplifier
• Over-current comparator with DAC reference
• Phase comparator with multiplexer
• Neutral simulator
• Adjustable output buck regulator (750 mW)
• Output voltage range: 6 - 19 V
• Buck regulator under-voltage lockout: 4.0 V
• Under-voltage lockout (UVLO): 5.5 V
• Over-voltage lockout (OVLO): 20 V
• Transient (100 ms) voltage tolerance: 48 V

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 6 - 28 V
Output current: 50 mA
Motor control: PWM

Manufacturer : MICROCHIP
Factory number : MCP8026-115E/MP
Package weight : 0.0001 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information