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LT 1115 CN8 :: Operational amplifier, DIP-8

Item-No.: LT 1115 CN8
Category of goods: 1 = discountable


The LT1115 is the lowest-noise audio operational amplifier available. This ultra-low-noise performance (0.9 nV/rtHz at 1kHz) is combined with high slew rates (>15 V/µs) and very low distortion specifications.
The RIAA circuit shown below using the LT1115 has very low distortion and deviates only slightly from the ideal RIAA response (see graph).

Technical data:

Minimum dual supply voltage: ±4 V
Typical dual supply voltage: ±5 V|±9 V|±12 V|±15 V|±18 V
Maximum dual supply voltage: ±22 V
Maximum input bias current: 0.38 uA at ±18 V
Maximum input offset voltage: 0.2 mV at ±18 V
Type: general purpose amplifier
Maximum supply current: 11.5 mA at ±18 V
Minimum CMRR: 104 dB
Minimum PSRR: 104 dB
Rail to rail: no
Shutdown support: no
Typical gain bandwidth product: 70 MHz
Typical input noise voltage density: 1.2 nV/rtHz at ±18 V
Typical non-inverting input noise current density: 2.2 pA/rtHz at ±18 V
Typical slew rate: 15 V/us at ±18 V

Factory number : LT1115CN8#PBF
Package weight : 0.003 kg
RoHS : conform
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