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AD 830 JRZ :: Video Difference Amplifier 85MHz SOIC-8

Item-No.: AD 830 JRZ
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AD 830 JRZ

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    • SOIC-8
The AD830 is a wideband, differencing amplifier designed for use at video frequencies but also useful in many other applications. It accurately amplifies a fully differential signal at the input and produces an output voltage referred to a user-chosen level. The undesired common-mode signal is rejected, even at high frequencies. High impedance inputs ease interfacing to finite source impedances and, thus, preserve the excellent common-mode rejection. In many respects, it offers significant improvements over discrete difference amplifier approaches, in particular in high frequency common-mode rejection.

Manufacturer : ANALOG DEVICES
Factory number : AD830JRZ
Package weight : 0.001 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Housing
    • SOIC-8