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AK-K6014-BG :: AKRACING Player gaming chair, black/green

AKRacing Player Gaming chair, schwarz/grün

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    • Gaming chair

This extremely stylish black and orange swivel chair from the AKRACING Player collection is more than just an office chair or piece of computer furniture. In fact, even the term "swivel chair" hardly does it justice — it is a true gaming chair offering superb comfort. It makes computer games even more fun, lets you relax when browsing the web and looks after your health when working in the office. The black and orange Player comes in a PU leather coating so that it also looks good at your desktop.

The possible long-term health consequences for office workers and ambitious gamers who have inadequate seat ergonomics are not to be underestimated. AKRACING is aware of these risks, so it develops solutions that can have a positive impact on your health. That's why AKRACING offers one of the best and most effective ergonomic chairs. It has been carefully developed and designed with an eye for the important details.

The design of the Premium offers users comfort and relaxation whatever the situation, making work more efficient and gaming sessions more successful. Just like exercise, sitting at a desk also places many parts of the body under stress, including the spine and wrists, as well as the neck, shoulders and arms. AKRACING knows exactly which positions the various parts of the body adopt during everyday life, and has found that the ideal chair must provide optimal support for the spine.

The extremely comfortable AKRACING Player is inspired by and reminiscent of the interior of a sports car. It's no coincidence that seats in sports cars offer good support and excellent ergonomics for drivers who are travelling long distances. The swivel chair is fitted to a sturdy base with five castors and has a stable internal steel construction. This is covered in a deformation-resistant hard foam padding, which on the Player is also coated in PU leather — a type of leather with a wafer-thin bycast protective layer.

Two cushions in matching colours are included in delivery and provide additional support for the neck and lower back. The Player is approved for users weighing up to 150 kg and offers all the customisation options needed to ensure an optimum seating position. The seat height is easy to adjust using the compressed air lever, and the angle of the backrest can also be adjusted (and even laid back flat). Even the armrests are height-adjustable!

Technical details:
  • Overall height (including base): approx. 128.5 - 136.0 cm

  • Width of backrest (at shoulder height): approx. 56.5 cm

  • Width of backrest (at lap height): approx. 55 cm

  • Width of seat: approx. 36.5 cm

  • Depth of seat: approx. 56 cm

  • Weight: max. 30 kg

  • Material: steel (frame), hard foam (padding), PU leather (coating)

  • Colour: black, green

  • Maximum load: 150 kg

  • Flexible seat height

  • Adjustable backrest angle (up to 90 degrees)

  • Height-adjustable armrests

  • Incl. one cushion for the lower back and one for the neck

  • Deformation-resistant hard foam

  • Column with durable compressed air lever (class 4)

  • Sturdy 5-point steel base

  • Stable internal steel construction

Manufacturer : AKRACING
Factory number : AK-K6014-BG
Package weight : 25 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Gaming chair