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TINKERKIT SHD V2 :: Arduino TinkerKit Sensor Shield V.2


With the Sensor Shield v.2 you can connect TinkerKit sensor and actuators with the Arduino™ directly, without the need for a breadboard.

It has 12 standard TinkerKit 3-pin connections. The six connections from input (I) 0 to input (I) 5 are analogue inputs. The output (O) 0 to output (O) 5 connections are analogue outputs, connected to the PWM outputs from Arduino™ (These outputs can be converted into digital outputs. In this case, the value of the output is only high or low).

A standard Arduino™ DuemilaNove Board has a pin layout as follows:
- Pin 11 on the Arduino™ is O 0 on the shield
- Pin 10 on the Arduino™ is O 1 on the shield
- Pin 9 on the Arduino™ is O 2 on the shield
- Pin 6 on the Arduino™ is O 3 on the shield
- Pin 5 on the Arduino™ is O 4 on the shield
- Pin 3 on the Arduino™ is O 5 on the shield

Description of the module: A green LED indicates that the shield is correctly connected; the standard 6 mm push button allows you to reset the board.

With the 4-pin connection, you can communicate with any device that supports the I2C protocol via Arduino's™ wire library. The connection generates 5 V and earth. Note that the I2C bus from Arduino™ uses analogue inputs 4 and 5. The TWI connection prevents the use of these analogue inputs.

The board can communicate with other devices that support serial communication via the 4-pin serial port. The connection generates 5 V and earth.

Note: if you send or receive data via PC, this serial port is not available.

Two mounting holes are located at the same place as the holes on the Arduino™ board. A third hole allows you to see the LED that is connected to pin 13 from the Arduino™.

Manufacturer : ARDUINO
Factory number : T020010
Package weight : 0.035 kg
RoHS : conform
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