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TEENSYSHD AUDIO :: MicroSD and audio shield for the Teensy 3.x


This audio board is an add-on for the Teensy 3.0 and 3.1 development cards. The audio board is a user-friendly solution to equip your Teensy project with high-quality audio (16 bit, 44.1 kHz). In the "Documents" section further down the page, you will find an audio library that allows you to select the input and the output at the same time — doing so means you can realise a variety of audio projects, create synthetic wave shapes and effects, mix multiple audio streams and provide near-CD quality audio for headphone or line outputs.

The Teensy audio board works with a SGTL5000 Stereo Codec with headphone amplifier IC to decode and output audio files. The Cortex-M4 DSP instructions from the Teensy developer boards allow FFT in real time. Each board has a 3.5-mm jack socket to connect headphones, a slot for a microSD card to store the audio files as well as space for an optional 25 kOhm potentiometer (volume control) and a flash memory module. The two rows with 14x1 connector pins are not included to give you the freedom of choice when connecting the audio card to your Teensy.

• Audio with 16 bit and 44.1 kHz sample rate
• Outputs uncompressed WAV files and Audio Raw files
• 4-channel software mixer
• 3.5 -m jack socket
• Slot for microSD card

Manufacturer : PJRC
Factory number : TEENSY AUDIO-SD
Package weight : 0.005 kg
RoHS : conform
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