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RASPBERRY COMM :: RasPiComm, expansion board for Raspberry Pi


RasPiComm is a tiny input/output expansion board that was designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer.
It offers a range of serial communication interfaces, a battery-supported real-time clock, 5-V tolerant digital I/Os (the GPIO connector pins of the Raspberry Pi are limited to 3.3 V) and a thumb joystick.

• Serial RS-485 channel up to 230,400 baud, connector with screw terminals (A, B, GND)
• Serial RS-232 channel up to 115,200 baud, connector with screw terminals (Rx, Tx, GND)
• The RS-485 and RS-232 connector pins are fully ESD-protected via TVS diodes.
• Real-time clock/calendar, supplied battery powers the clock for 10 years.
• 5 digital inputs connected with the integrated joystick (4-way + pressure), 5-V tolerant, external connector with 2-mm pitch, unpopulated
• 2 digital outputs, each max. 5 V @ 100 mA, 5-V relays can also be connected without additional wiring, connector with 2-mm pitch, unpopulated
• Connector for serial SPI-channel, connector with 2-mm pitch, unpopulated
• 2 connectors for serial I²C channel
• Power supply connector, connector with screw terminals (+, -), supplies either the Raspberry Pi and the RasPiComm (max. 5 V/1.5 A) or serves as a power supply output when providing power via USB.
• Power consumption: max. 10 mA (outputs switched off), max. 210 mA (outputs switched on and maximum load)
• Dimensions: 35.2 x 56 mm

Manufacturer : AMESCON
Factory number : RASPICOMM
Package weight : 0.058 kg
RoHS : conform
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