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reichelt elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
Elektronikring 1
26452 Sande Germany

phone: +49 (0)4422 955-333
mail: info@reichelt.de

RASP RASPYPLAY4 :: Audio Card for Raspberry Pi B+, 2 & 3


The RaspyPlay4 from MikroElektronika is an add-on printed circuit board for the Raspberry Pi B+, 2 and 3. Since the Pi is a popular choice for multimedia projects, the RaspyPlay4 is the perfect choice for helping your Pi to produce high-quality sound.

Features and benefits of the RaspyPlay4
• PCM5122-DAC for excellent audio performance
• Integrated RuneAudio software
• Supports FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and WMA sound formats
• Web interface, enabling playback control with a wide range of devices
• Option to store music on USB flash drive, USB hard drive, SD card or a server for network attached storage (NAS) and to stream via AirPlay
• Ultra low noise regulator
• 2 standard RCA stereo audio jacks
• Line-out TSOP34836 IR receiver for remote control
• Hardware volume control
• LCD connector

Included with delivery
RaspyPlay4 board, 1x 4-pin pin header, 2x 5-pin male pin header

Factory number : MIKROE-1767
Package weight : 0.026 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information