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RASP GERTBOT :: Gertbot Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi


Gertbot motor controller board for Raspberry Pi
Gertbot is an add-on printed circuit board for the 64-MHz ARM cortex-M0 processor for Raspberry Pi (all models).

Allows the Raspberry Pi to control and drive a wide range of motors, such as stepper motors and brushed motors. This supports Pi's ability to drive at 30 V and 2.5 A. Gertbot can also be used as a stand-alone board and be controlled from any computer with a serial UART connection.

•Extremely easy to set up
•Easy to control thanks to high-level commands
•Capacity for up to 4 additional boards
•Outputs have short-circuit and over-temperature protection
•The board can be controlled without programming

The board is supplied with drivers, sample code and a user-friendly user interface — perfect for those who want to get started right away!

Manufacturer : GERTBOARD
Factory number : GERTBOT
Package weight : 0.04 kg
RoHS : conform
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