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PIXTEND1.3 LP :: Raspberry Pi PLC shield PiXtend V1.3 PCB


PiXtend multiplies the connection and application possibilities of the Raspberry Pi and is the basis for demanding projects. In addition to numerous digital and analogue inputs and outputs, PiXtend also has serial interfaces such as RS232, RS485 and CAN. The interfaces and I/Os have a robust design and comply with the standard for programmable logic controllers — PLC (IEC 61131-2). The PiXtend microcontroller (Atmel AVR) is freely programmable and offers countless features. Leaded components make building, retrofitting or repairing possible for everyone.

Possible hardware configuration
• 8x digital inputs: 3.3 / 5 / 12 / 24 V
• 6x digital outputs: max. 30 V / 3 A
• 2x PWM / servo output
• 4x relays: max. 230 V / 6 A
• 2x analogue voltage inputs: 0 - 5 V / 0 - 10 V
• 2x analogue current inputs: 0 - 24 mA
• 2x analogue outputs: 0 - 10 V
• Serial interfaces RS232, RS485 and CAN 2.0B
• Real -time clock (RTC) with battery buffering
• Support up to four temperature and humidity sensors
• 433-MHz transceiver plug-in
• Power supply unit: 5 V / 2 A (supplies PiXtend and Raspberry)
• Up to four GPIOs
• All interfaces and I/Os are short-circuit proof — supply voltage with reverse polarity and overload protection (self-resetting fuses)
• DIN rail housing (plastic) and stainless steel hoods available as an option

This PLC shield is available in 3 different variants

Variant 1
The PiXtend raw PCB board can be purchased in the simplest stage of expansion, whereby you obtain the bare, double-layer PCB board. This is electrically tested and ready for soldering. Components are not included. The advantage of the raw board is that you can solder any components you already have or just the components that are needed for the project. This variant provides complete freedom.

Item no.: PIXTEND1.3 LP

Variant 2
In addition to the raw PCB board, PiXtend is available as a kit. The unpopulated PCB board and the appropriate components are delivered so you can solder them yourself.

Item no.: PIXTEND1.3 FULL
(8x digital inputs, 6x digital outputs, 2x PWM / servo outputs, 2x analogue voltage inputs, 2x analogue current inputs, 2x analogue voltage outputs, 4x relays, 4x PiXtend GPIOs, RS232 interface, RS485 interface, CAN bus, 4x supported sensors)

Variant 3
In a third variant, PiXtend can be purchased already soldered. Compared to the kit, all soldering work is already done and the components are completely installed. The supplied ICs simply need to be placed into the corresponding sockets. The PiXtend ARTC package is fully equipped and is therefore equivalent to the full kit. The finished kit is ideal for users who want to get started right away or do not have soldering equipment.

Item no.: PIXTEND1.3 ARTC
(8x digital inputs, 6x digital outputs, 2x PWM / servo outputs, 2x analogue voltage inputs, 2x analogue current inputs, 2x analogue voltage outputs, 4x relays, 4x PiXtend GPIOs, RS232 interface, RS485 interface, CAN bus, 4x supported sensors)

Areas of application
• Control and regulation tasks
• Home automation
• Learning and teaching platform for control engineering, circuitry and software technologies
• Experimental setups in the private sector and laboratories
• Do-it-yourself, amateur and creative projects
• Amateur radio applications
• Soldering practice and training project for apprentices

Frequently used peripherals such as...
• 230-V devices — power relay
• Temperature and humidity sensors
• 433-MHz transmitters
• Modelling servos
...are supported as standard and must only be connected or plugged in.

The integrated real-time clock with a lithium battery buffers the time and date. High-quality push-in terminal strips enable the secure and tool-free connection of sensors and actuators. The Open Source hardware and software and the native CODESYS V3 support make PiXtend an optimal learning and automation platform.

Quick Start with Linux test programs and library

• The PiXtend test programs for Raspbian Wheezy ensure frustration-free access
• All interfaces and I/Os can be directly accessed and retrieved from the Linux console
• The functions of the PiXtend C-library can be easily integrated into your own applications

Programming like the professionals, with CODESYS.

• The modern CODESYS V3 programming environment allows programming in all major languages for programmable logic controllers (PLC)
• We provide device drivers and examples for CODESYS so you can focus on your project
• Your programs can not only be transmitted to PiXtend, but also directly to professional industrial PLC systems
• Transfer your controls and displays to your smartphone, tablet and PC with CODESYS Webvisu
• Design your own control centre for home automation, as a weather station or for a number of other applications
• Remote access via the Internet has never been easier

• All programs and libraries are disclosed (GPL v3) and can be individually customised or developed as necessary
• Share your knowledge with like-minded people in the forum, developer blog or on Facebook

Included with delivery
PiXtend V1.3 PCB (variant 1)
(Components, housing and Raspberry Pi are not included with delivery)

PiXtend V1.3 was specially designed for Raspberry Pi models B+ and 2 B.

For data sheets, manuals, software, software manuals, layouts, parts lists and more, see Data Sheets & Downloads
The two SD images CODESYS/Linux Tools are each approximately 1 GB and can be downloaded from the manufacturer: http://www.pixtend.de/downloads

Manufacturer : QUBE SOLUTIONS
Factory number : PIXTEND V1.3 LP
Package weight : 0.109 kg
RoHS : conform
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