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ARDUINOSHD USB2S :: Arduino shield converter, USB 2 to serial


This board converts a USB connection into a serial +5 V transmitter and receiver, which connects directly to the Arduino™ Ethernet or other microcontrollers, allowing communication with the computer.

It has an ATmega8U2, which is programmed as a USB-to-serial converter — the same chip found in the Arduino™ Uno.
The USB serial module features an ISCP interface, allowing you to reprogram the chip when placed in DFU mode.

The pinouts on the connector are compatible with a standard FTDI header (as well as USB Adafruit and Sparkfun USB-serial adapters).

Dimensions (LxW): 15 x 12 cm

Manufacturer : ARDUINO
Factory number : A000107 (A000059)
Package weight : 0.008 kg
RoHS : conform
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