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ARDUINO SHD WIFI :: Arduino WiFi shield, micro USB, MicroSD


The Arduino™ WiFi shield is the ideal interface for integrating your Arduino™ into your home network wirelessly or providing wireless internet access. The MicroSD card slots enable you to create a basic web server for easy control of your peripherals. The shield is more than just the WiFi alternative to the Ethernet shield, however. The board has its own 32-bit controller, the AVR32UC3. You can use the micro USB connector to install the latest firmware, or even your own original programs, on this. If you are using your own programs, however, you should have the appropriate C knowledge. As you would expect from Arduino™, all the firmware is open source to make development easier for you.

The WiFi module is the HDG104 from H&D Wireless. This is capable of connecting to 802.11b/g networks with WEP or WPA2 encryption. The data then runs via the AVR32UC3, which works in the background, and is forwarded to the Arduino™ via the SPI port. This means you only need to make slight adjustments to programs you have written for the Ethernet module.

  • AVR32UC3 controller (32-bit)

  • WiFi module: HDG104 from H&D Wireless

  • Standard: 802.11b/g

  • Encryption: WEP and WPA2

  • Protocols: TCP and UDP

  • MicroSD card slot

  • Micro USB connection

  • ICSP port

  • Debugging interface via FTDI cable

  • Operating voltage: 5 V

Arduino™ not included

Manufacturer : ARDUINO
Factory number : A000058
Package weight : 0.041 kg
RoHS : conform
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