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ARDUINO SHD GSM :: Arduino GSM shield

Arduino GSM Shield

The Arduino™ GSM shield will get you "online in mere minutes"

Arduino™ offered the option for a telephone connection in the past, but it was still a challenge to program the microcontroller so that it would work properly.
Arduino™ has now developed a new and significantly improved GSM/GPRS shield.
The GSM/GPRS shield allows you to use, for example, GSM (WiFi) and GPS (navigation). The shield can be used with a SIM card and you can be online within a few minutes after activation of the SIM card.

The GSM shield allows you full access to the world of wireless communication. Whether you want to use your Arduino™ to send or receive texts, make phone calls or use the mobile internet, it won't be a problem with this shield and the Arduino™ libraries. You simply insert a SIM card into the slot provided and off you go.

The shield is the result of a collaboration between Arduino™ and the Spanish telephone company Telefonica I+D. The integrated M10 chip is a quad-band GSM/GPRS module from QuecTel which directly supports TCP/UDP and HTTP protocols and a maximum data transfer rate of 85.6 kbps. The shield is programmed via the GSM library which makes it easier to get started, even for beginners.

Technical data
Communication: SMS, telephone or mobile internet
Module: M10, quad-band GSM/GPRS
Usable frequencies: GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, DCS 1800 MHz, PCS 1900 MHz
Maximum speed: 85.6 kbps
Control: Arduino™ library

Manufacturer : ARDUINO
Factory number : A000043
Package weight : 0.059 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information