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IS 3-6456-5238-4 :: Assembly kit: Do-it-yourself storm alert


Thunderstorms seem to come out of nowhere and often have devastating consequences. Whether agriculture, in the home or outdoor sporting activities: you can only plan if you receive adequate warning. The Franzis storm alert helps to protect against storms.

Build your own storm alert!

This assembly kit makes it easy for you: the board is already largely populated, which makes the building process very easy. Protect your electronic storm alert from unwanted weather surprises with just a few steps. The device evaluates the electromagnetic signals of a storm in the frequency range around 500 kHz and thus detects when an electrical storm is in the air. Simple auxiliary experiments explain the correlations.

The storm alert — for everyone who does not want to stand in the rain

Three warning levels indicate how far away the storm is. Do not wait any longer than when the red LED lights up to initiate the final safety precautions. The low power consumption of the device ensures that you are protected throughout the summer. Simply place your device in the window and leave it switched on over the summer. You only need to install two batteries (AA) and decide now whether and what protective measures you want to take against the storm.

The additional experiments are also exciting

You can subsequently see whether a storm blew past during the previous night. Or observe storms at a greater distance and compare your results with online weather maps. There is also a simulation mode, which you can use, at all times, to check the device is working.

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Dimensions of assembled device: 160 x 110 x 30 mm (W x H x D)
Power supply: 2 x 1.5-V AA batteries/AA (not included)
In addition you will need: soldering iron and solder

Includes: assembly kit with enclosure

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65238-4
Package weight : 0.154 kg
RoHS : conform
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