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IS 3-6456-5208-7 :: Educational kit: Electromagnetic pollution detector

IS 3-6456-5208-7

The electromagnetic pollution detector for your home — for those who want to know more!

How can you detect electromagnetic waves in the home? Which devices also produce electromagnetic alternating fields in standby mode?
Now you can build a highly versatile electromagnetic pollution detector and measure them yourself. There have always been electromagnetic alternating fields in nature. We first started harnessing these fields intensively, such as for radio waves, around 100 years ago. Many devices generate these kinds of fields unintentionally and with the increasing amount of technical equipment, more and more radiated emissions can be measured in your home. Using the electromagnetic pollution detector, inspect the electrical and magnetic alternating fields in your home or at the workplace. Expand your senses, as we cannot perceive EM fields using our five senses alone. Your curiosity is not only useful, but ultimately saves you money, as you can detect power-hungry equipment. Design relaxation rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms with lower EM fields using the electromagnetic pollution detector.
This assembly kit makes it easy for you: the board is already populated.
You only need to solder the speakers, the LEDs, the adjustment control and aerials. Only a 9-V battery is required and away you go. Your device finds weak electric and magnetic alternating fields even at field strengths far below the statutory limits. The frequency range extends from 50 Hz to over 1000 MHz. Trace all frequencies that occur in your home from technological alternating current through to wireless telephony. Take charge and decide whether and what countermeasures you want to take against electromagnetic pollution in your home.

Dimensions of assembled device: 160 x 110 x 30 mm (W x H x D)
Power supply: 9-V block battery (for up to 25 hours of battery life), not included
Frequency range: 50 Hz to > 1000 MHz

In addition you will need: soldering iron and solder, 9-V battery for up to 25 hours of measuring time

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65208-7
Package weight : 0.196 kg
RoHS : conform
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