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IS 3-6456-5201-8 :: Educational kit: Experiments with Tesla energy

IS 3-6456-5201-8

The Franzis educational kit: Experiments with Tesla energy

This Franzis educational kit contains two plug-in boards, 14 components and a 47-page manual with over 20 high-frequency experiments for beginners and advanced users.

• Learn all about wireless energy transfer in 20 experiments!
• Includes: 2 laboratory plug-in boards + 14 components + 47-page manual

Use this educational kit to work through the basics of high-frequency technology with the example of the legendary ideas and patents of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Can his visions of a wireless transfer of energy really be turned into reality? Experiment and draw your own conclusions. When you have completed these experiments, you will also understand the complex relationships of high-frequency technology.

Projects that really work
All experiments have been developed and optimised multiple times for an easy introduction and reliable success. The experiments can also be performed without having in-depth expertise. Success is guaranteed!

Easy-to-understand manual
The enclosed manual guides you from simple components through to the finished project, without bombarding you with lots of theory. Fun, practical experiments! Your success is ensured — and if you want to immerse yourself deeper in the subject, you will also find all necessary information to do so.

Build your own:
• Crystal oscillator and HF power amplifier
• Oscillators and resonance experiments
• HF indicator circuits with ultra-bright LEDs
• Dipmeter experiments with coupled circuits
• Magnetic and electrical resonance coupling
• Energy transfer to single-core wires

In addition you will need: 9-V block battery (not included)
Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65201-8
Package weight : 0.298 kg
RoHS : conform
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