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IS 3-6456-5035-9 :: Educational kit: Electrical engineering

IS 3-6456-5035-9

Producing electrical energy is this easy! - Generate electrical energy from chemistry, magnetism, light and heat.

Experiment without soldering irons!
Simply plug components in — and that's it!

• With laboratory plug-in board and 25 components
• More than 35 detailed experiments
• With self-built computer measuring station
• With DC motor

Scores of simple experiments with
• Electrochemical
• Electromagnetic
• Electro-optical
• Electro-thermal energy converters
• Static electricity
• Vital energy

Also required:
9-V block battery

This educational kit enables you to work through the basics of electrical engineering. Using various technical systems for converting energy, you will gain a solid foundation for a better understanding of free energy research. Only those who experiment also develop a passion for the fascination of new electrical phenomena.
Every experiment is outlined in detail, so that even novices can achieve success quickly. The focus is on practical experimentation; theory is mentioned only to the extent necessary to carry out the experiments: practise makes perfect is the motto. Explore fascinating electrical phenomena:

• Aluminium foil and a pencil lead generate electricity

• Demonstrate charge using the electroscope

• Experiment with the vital energy of plant seedlings

• A bacterial battery is produced from micro-organisms and a biochemical cell

• A self-build electronic voltmeter with PC

• Charge separation using the electrostatic disc generator

The Free Energy educational kit is also an introduction into conventional electrical engineering. Through active experimentation, you will develop a solid basic understanding. Further experiments, such as those in the experiment manual provided, then expand your knowledge and skills. But be careful: Once you get the bug for free energy research, you will be hooked.
In addition to the components included in the educational kit, you will need a few more utensils generally found at home, e.g. aluminium foil or sticky tape.

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65035-9
Package weight : 0.341 kg
RoHS : conform
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