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IS 3-645-65065-5 :: Educational kit: LEDs

IS 3-645-65065-5

Everything that lights up and flashes!

It is that simple!
• Battery tester
• Flashing light circuit
• Continuity tester
• Humidity detector
• LED torches
• Signal lamps with LEDs
• Temperature sensor

Also required:
9-V block battery

Experiment without soldering irons! Simply plug components in —
And that's it!

Get ahead in LED technology
• 25 real experiments
• With plug-in board, 10 resistors and 6 coloured LEDs
• Extra super-bright white LED for lighting
• Fast plug-in construction instead of soldering

18 components + 96-page experiment guidelines for 60 circuits

This educational kit gives you a quick start in LED technology and with electronics in general. Everything you need is included apart from a new battery (9 V). And then you can get started. Carry out basic key tests in minimum time,

with the focus on practical experiments. Along the way, you also learn the vital basics of circuitry through to calculating the required series resistors. You can perform numerous impressive experiments using just LEDs and resistors. Many of the self-built devices have lasting practical benefits. Build colour and white LED torches, test
devices and sensors and take advantage of the special characteristics of LEDs.
As if that was not enough: the breadboard can be expanded as required. Additional components, such as transistors, capacitors and integrated circuits, can also be used on the plug-in board. The enclosed manual, Schnellstart LEDs (A quick start in LEDs), includes numerous circuits and suggested constructions for simple designs and more challenging projects.

LED educational kit including experiment guidelines
For many people, experimenting with LEDs is their way into modern electronics. High-efficiency white LEDs, in particular, fascinate and motivate you to get building. The
first success stories are quick to follow.
Of course, you need to know some of the basics and theory.
What currents are allowed? Which voltages can you
use? How are the required series resistors calculated? The manual provides a thorough and practical introduction.
The topic of LEDs is so strongly associated with all areas of electronics that potential applications appear to be endless
. The manual also provides an overview and illustrates numerous circuits and building proposals.
From the contents:
· Basics of LED circuitry
Introduction to semiconductor circuitry
· Sensors, flashing circuits
· Power supplies and voltage converters
· Lighting using white LEDs
· Basic testing principles

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65065-6
Package weight : 0.336 kg
RoHS : conform
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