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Bundle - Available only in German

Weight incl.:

2.26 kg


The large maker box
RRP of EUR 189.80, available for just EUR 69.95 (RRP = recommended retail price)

Delivery overview:

Franzis IoT WiFi board "Pretzel Board" (ISBN: ) RRP EUR 29.95
Included with delivery:

The Franzis Raspberry Pi learning package (ISBN: 978-3-645-65245-2) RRP EUR 49.95
Included with delivery: plug-in board, 40 components, 192-page instruction manual

The Franzis Arduino Uno starter package (ISBN: 978-3-645-65023-2) RRP EUR 49.95
Included with delivery: protective box, 64-page manual, Arduino™ Uno board

Flashing-light shield with 20 LEDs for Arduino™ (ISBN: 978-3-645-65146-2) RRP EUR 25.00
Included with delivery: board with 20 individually controllable LEDs

Hannah"s 25 Raspberry Pi server (ISBN: 978-3-645-60330-0) RRP EUR 34.95
Included with delivery: 256-page instruction manual

Delivered in a standard box.

Weight incl.:

2.36 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.18 kg


Everything that lights up and flashes!

It is that simple!
• Battery tester
• Flashing light circuit
• Continuity tester
• Humidity detector
• LED torches
• Signal lamps with LEDs
• Temperature sensor

Also required:
9-V block battery

Experiment without soldering irons! Simply plug components in —
And that"s it!

Get ahead in LED technology
• 25 real experiments
• With plug-in board, 10 resistors and 6 coloured LEDs
• Extra super-bright white LED for lighting
• Fast plug-in construction instead of soldering

18 components + 96-page experiment guidelines for 60 circuits

This educational kit gives you a quick start in LED technology and with electronics in general. Everything you need is included apart from a new battery (9 V). And then you can get started. Carry out basic key tests in minimum time,

with the focus on practical experiments. Along the way, you also learn the vital basics of circuitry through to calculating the required series resistors. You can perform numerous impressive experiments using just LEDs and resistors. Many of the self-built devices have lasting practical benefits. Build colour and white LED torches, test
devices and sensors and take advantage of the special characteristics of LEDs.
As if that was not enough: the breadboard can be expanded as required. Additional components, such as transistors, capacitors and integrated circuits, can also be used on the plug-in board. The enclosed manual, Schnellstart LEDs (A quick start in LEDs), includes numerous circuits and suggested constructions for simple designs and more challenging projects.

LED educational kit including experiment guidelines
For many people, experimenting with LEDs is their way into modern electronics. High-efficiency white LEDs, in particular, fascinate and motivate you to get building. The
first success stories are quick to follow.
Of course, you need to know some of the basics and theory.
What currents are allowed? Which voltages can you
use? How are the required series resistors calculated? The manual provides a thorough and practical introduction.
The topic of LEDs is so strongly associated with all areas of electronics that potential applications appear to be endless
. The manual also provides an overview and illustrates numerous circuits and building proposals.
From the contents:
· Basics of LED circuitry
Introduction to semiconductor circuitry
· Sensors, flashing circuits
· Power supplies and voltage converters
· Lighting using white LEDs
· Basic testing principles

Weight incl.:

0.34 kg

Build your own working FM radio
This Franzis assembly kit with genuine retro look can be assembled easily and with much fun. High-quality components provide for the best radio reception. Radio assembly kit with printed circuit board and all required components - quick and easy to build!

This kit contains all required parts.

Requires two batteries (Type AA) not included.

This is not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Weight incl.:

0.18 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.32 kg

This tutorial kit includes everything you need for your first steps in programming: an original Arduino™ Uno, breadboard, components, a 282-page manual and software. With this kit you can build successful projects and bring to life your Arduino™.

Already done your experiment for the day?
Whether you want to build a home automation system or an LED lamp with changing colours - with the Arduino™kit even beginners can successfully write their first programs and implement their very own ideas! In this tutorial kit you discover the basics of electronics and Arduino™ programming and get step-by-step instructions to put your ideas into practice.

With this Tutotial Kit you will perfomr the following projects
• Programming with loops
• Generating random numbers
• A simple game
• Stop-watch
• Measuring voltages
• LED dimmer
• Switch-on and switch-off delay
• Music with the Arduino™
• Candlelight, courtesy of the
• microcontroller
• Monitoring exits
• School bell
• Keypad lock
• Voltage plotter
• Storage oscilloscope
• Temperature switch
• Romantic lights
• Timer clock
• Composing melodies
• State machines
• Capacitance meter
• ... and many more!

List of the Components
1 Arduino Uno, 1 breadboard, 2 push-buttons, 1 NPN transistor BC548C, 1 silicon diode 1N4148, 1 piezo buzzer, 1 red LED, 1 green LED, 2 yellow LEDs, 3 resistors 1.5 kO, 1 resistor 4.7 kO, 1 resistor 47 kO, 1 resistor 10 kO, 1 trim potentiometer 10 kO PT10, 1 capacitor 1 µF, 1 insulated hookup wire ca. 1 m

In addition, you need
USB connection cable

Not suitable for children under 14!

Weight incl.:

0.60 kg

Build your own working FM radio

Build without soldering!
This great kit contains all the components you need to build your very own piece of retro cool - a modern style working FM radio!
Includes full instructions in the shape of a Manual. The perfect gift for ‚build your own" fans of all things retro!

Requires one 9-V-batterie - not included.

This is not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Weight incl.:

0.24 kg

Protect yourself against unwanted visitors!

Prevent anyone getting passed you without your noticing it! You won"t have to lay any cables or install light barriers: with the Franzis Alarm System you can build your own small security device.

The Kit includes all the components required to build it without much effort, you just solder the components to the pre-assembled circuit board. Even if you do not have any experience in soldering it won"t be a problem! The set-up is simple and the detailed instructions explain how step by step.

How it works
The Franzis alarm system responds to variations in air pressure that arise when doors or windows are opened or closed. Without any complex installations, unwanted visitors can now be caught in the act. The Franzis alarm system comes with additional alarm inputs and outputs (one of each kind) so you can freely attach further alarm devices or sensors.

You will need
A soldering iron, solder, a wire cutter. For operating the device: three 1.5 V AA batteries (not included).

Warning! Not suitable for children under 14!

Weight incl.:

0.16 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.69 kg

When building electronics projects, using a soldering iron becomes inevitable. Whether you just want to attach a new wire to a device or to transfer a circuit from a breadboard to a stripboard, at some time in your project, you have to use solder. Nearly everyone can solder in some way, but how do you produce a long-lasting solder joint?

You need more than just a soldering iron to produce perfect solder joints
In this tutorial kit, you will learn to solder step by step and directly apply the new knowledge in numerous experiments. You even learn the most challenging technique, i.e. soldering SMD components. The kit contains two practice boards to put your new-found skills into practice. Finally, you will even solder your very own Arduino™ shield.

From the table of contents
• Soldering iron, soldering tip and solder
• Soldering wires and components
• Building transistor circuits
• Soldering circuits more tightly
• Cleaning the board
• SMD technology
• Power FETs
• Light sensor with SMD FET
• SMD voltage regulator
• Screw terminals
• ICs in DIL casing
• Arduino shield
• RGB power shield

Additionally required
Soldering iron with tip and solder

Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years!

Weight incl.:

0.30 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.34 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.27 kg

Do you remember Axel F., the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, A-Ha"s Take on Me or the songs by the German band Kraftwerk? This retro modem, the mini keyboard of the 80s, allows you to revive the music in modem style.

That"s how to make music: Build your own synthesizer!

Gilded touch keys serve as a keyboard for making music. With the completed synthesizer, you can generate classical sounds as well as futuristic music. Two push-buttons let you easily change between two octaves, tempered whole tones and semi-tones. Simply touch the keys with your finger to produce the desired notes.

Mini keyboard: Revive the sound of the 80s!

Use sound effects to craft your music individually. LEDs visualize the selected settings. Of course, the Franzis synthesizer also comes with a volume control. The kit comprises all required components. Even with low mechanical skills, you can build the synthesizer swiftly and easily. The detailed instructions describe the assembly step by step. Only a few components have to be soldered to the pre-assembled circuit board.

Additionally required
Soldering iron, solder, wire cutter. To operate the device, three 1.5 AA batteries are required.

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Weight incl.:

0.19 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.49 kg

Availible only in German!

Weight incl.:

0.15 kg