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RCD-24-070PLB :: DC/DC-Converter, 2 - 35 V, 0 - 700 A, Single

Item-No.: RCD-24-070PLB
Category of goods: 1 = discountable


The RCD-24-xxx/PL series is a step-down constant current source designed for driving high power LEDs. The converter uses a pinless SMD open frame design to reduce cost and size. Output currents available are 300mA, 350mA, 500mA, 600mA, 700mA and 1000mA with either Class A (Suffix /A) or Class B (suffix /B) built-in EMC filtering. Despite its compact size, the RCD-PL series is fully featured with very high efficiency, wide input voltage range, high ambient operating temperature and two means of LED dimming: PWM/digital control and analogue voltage dimming. Both dimming controls are independent and can be combined. The driver is also designed to be as reliable as the LEDs it is driving, even at the full ambient operating temperature and is designed for strip lighting, wall washers and flourescent tube replacement designs, where a low profile and narrow width are demanded.

  • SMD Constant Current LED Driver
  • Class B EMC Filter
  • Wide Input and Output Voltage Range
  • Digital PWM and Analogue Voltage Dimming
  • kostengünstig
  • EN/RAILWAYS Certified

  • Input voltage: 4,5 - 36V DC
  • Output voltage: 2 - 35 V DC
  • Output current: 0 - 700 mA
  • Type: Single

  • Pin 1: +Vin
  • Pin 2: Analogue Dimming
  • Pin 3: PWM/ON/OFF
  • Pin 4: GND
  • Pin 5: -Vout
  • Pin 6: +Vout

Manufacturer : RECOM
Factory number : 81000019
Package weight : 0.004 kg
RoHS : conform
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