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EA LED36X28-A :: LED lighting for DOG series 104..., amber


LED backlight
Simply linking the display and lighting opens up a wide range of combinations.

Some displays require an additional backlight, such as transmissive displays, which include negative mode displays. On the other hand, other displays can be operated with a backlight but it is not essential, such as transflective displays. Positive mode displays can be transmissive or transflective. The reflective displays do not need lighting.

Reflective: reflective displays are operated without an additional backlight, as these reflect the incident light.
Transmissive: transmissive displays are translucent and therefore require an additional backlight.
Transflective: transflective displays are both reflective and transmissive, i.e. they can be operated both with and without a backlight.
Positive: the font colour is always black and the background is light (non-illuminated) on positive mode displays. With this display, the background can also be illuminated with a corresponding white or colour backlight.
Negative: negative mode displays require an additional backlight as this is responsible for the font colour. The background itself is black or blue, depending on the model.

For a better understanding of the differences, you can download a corresponding simulator program from the "Datasheets & Downloads" section, and use the program to simulate the display with and without a backlight.

Factory number : EA LED36X28-A
Package weight : 0.004 kg
RoHS : conform
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