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EA DOGS104W-A :: DOG series 104, 4 x 10/2 x 10, 3.3 V, black/white pos.


Sleek, stylish, versatile: the EA DOGS104x-A graphics display

The ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY display specialist has expanded its versatile EA-DOGS product range to include a real gem of an item. Its compact design and low power consumption make the EA DOGS104x-A the ideal display for battery-powered handheld devices. The display range in normal mode is four rows of ten characters; alternatively, you can also display text using double font size over two or three lines. It is only 36 x 28 mm in size.

Another special feature is that the EA DOGS104x-A supports English, European and Cyrillic character sets in the same display.
The EA DOGS104-A also offers a particularly high degree of flexibility — developers can switch between an I2C and an SPI interface.

A further distinctive feature is the separation of the display and lighting function. Both can be configured by simply connecting the two functions. There are various display technologies to choose from, such as FSTN, STN, as well as positive and negative displays. These displays can be combined with three different colours. There are also a two-tone red/green light and a three-tone red/green/white light below the lighting.
Due to its compact design, it is also an extremely flat display module (max. 4.6 mm), even when connected to a light.

Some displays require an additional backlight, such as transmissive displays, which include negative mode displays. On the other hand, other displays can be operated with a backlight but it is not essential, such as transflective displays. Positive mode displays can be transmissive or transflective. The reflective displays do not need lighting.

There are up to seven different colours available as a backlight (see accessories) depending on the model. Simply linking the display and lighting opens up a wide range of combinations.

Reflective: reflective displays are operated without an additional backlight, as these reflect the incident light.
Transmissive: transmissive displays are translucent and therefore require an additional backlight.
Transflective: transflective displays are both reflective and transmissive, i.e. they can be operated both with and without a backlight.
Positive: the font colour is always black and the background is light (non-illuminated) on positive mode displays. With this display, the background can also be illuminated with a corresponding white or colour backlight.
Negative: negative mode displays require an additional backlight as this is responsible for the font colour. The background itself is black or blue, depending on the model.

For a better understanding of the differences, you can download a corresponding simulator program from the "Datasheets & Downloads" section, and use the program to simulate the display with and without a backlight.

Technical data
• High-contrast LCD supertwist display
• Optional LED backlights available in various colours (see accessories)
• 4x 10 characters with 2.6-mm font, can be switched to 2x 10 characters with 4.55-mm font
• Controller SSD1803A for SPI (three/four-wire) and I²C (two-wire) interface
• Power supply: 3.3-V single supply (typ. 440 µA)
• No additional voltages required
• Operating temperature range: -20 C - +70°C
• LED backlighting 3 - 45 mA/3.3 V
• No assembly required: just solder into printed circuit board
• Three different character sets (English-Japanese, European and Cyrillic) integrated in the controller

Factory number : EA DOGS104W-A
Package weight : 0.011 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information