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VEL VM205 :: Oscilloscope and logic analyser shield for Raspberry Pi


Looking for a digital storage oscilloscope but already own a Raspberry Pi? All you need to do is add this shield to turn your Raspberry Pi into a measuring device!
The shield includes all standard properties you expect in an oscilloscope. In addition, the application source code is also supplied to enable you to develop your own applications. The shield also boasts a 10-channel logic analyser — a practical tool to measure digital signals.

Technical data:
Max. Sample rate: 1 MS/s
Bandwidth of input amplifier: 200 kHz (-3 dB)
Measurements up to: 100 kHz
Input impedance: 100 kOhm/20 pF
Max. Input voltage: 30 Vss (AC + DC)
Input connection: AC+DC
AD resolution: 8 bit
Recording length: 800 samples
Operating modes: Run, single
Trigger level: 254 steps
Time base: in 15 increments, 5 µs/div up to 200 ms/div
Input sensitivity: in 6 increments, 100 mV/div up to 5 V/div
Input sensitivity: 3 mV display resolution
Signal tags for time and voltage displayed
Frequency display (via signal marks)

Logic analyser:
Number of channels: 10
Recording length: 10x800 samples
Max. Sample rate: 1 MS/s
Max. Input voltage: 5 V DC

Manufacturer : VELLEMAN
Factory number : VM205
Package weight : 0.115 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information