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OBD2 OM520 :: OBD II diagnostics scanner, OBDMATE OM520

Item-No.: OBD2 OM520

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OBD2 OM520

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    • Car diagnostics
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    • OBD2

Convenient diagnosis device to narrow down faults in vehicle equipment by reading the fault memory without a computer.

OBD-II stands for second-generation on-board diagnosis.

OBD-II is also known as the on-board diagnostic system of the vehicle, consisting of one or more emissions-related ECUs (electronic control units), MILs (malfunction indicator light), DLCs (diagnostic link connectors) and the cable that connects the different elements.

For OBD-II compatible vehicles built from 1996 onwards and equipped with an OBD II socket (including CAN, VPW, PWM, ISO and KWP2000 protocols)

Reads and clears general and vendor-specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) of the engine control unit.

Special note:
Display of the current trip details such as efficiency, average fuel consumption, fuel consumed, average speed.

Help function for easier understanding of the device.

OBD monitors, amongst others, the following systems and sensors:

o Efficiency of the catalytic converter
o Lambda sensor function
o Misfires

and if available:

o Functioning of the exhaust gas recirculation
o Functioning of the secondary ventilation system
o Tank ventilation

Compatible with European, American and Asian vehicles

o Shows the reason why the Check Engine Light (MIL) is lit.
o Reads the fault memory and displays the error on the display
o Turns on the MIL, deletes the codes and the entries

Display of:
o Live OBD-II data stream
o “Freeze-Frame” data
o Readiness codes (assessment of the exhaust system)
o On-board monitor results
o Components check
o Vehicle information (VIN/CIN and CVN)

Multilingual menu and code representation (EN, FR, DE, ES, etc.)
Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other current OBD-II protocols

Built-in OBD-II error code table

Software upgrade via the Internet

Manufacturer : AUTOPHIX
Factory number : OM520
Package weight : 0.694 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Car diagnostics
    • Design
    • Graphic display
    • Technology
    • OBD2