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    • Car diagnostics
    • Design
    • Simulator
    • Technology
    • OBD2

OBD2 simulator for all standard protocols:

o P1: J-1850 PWM
o P2: J-1850 VPWM
o P3: ISO-9141
o P4: KWP2000 5-Baud-Init
o P5: KWP2000 Fast-Init
o P6: CAN 11/500
o P7: CAN 29/500
o P8: CAN 11/250
o P9: CAN 29/250

A 100-percent simulation of existing controllers is never possible, of course. Due to the missing “live” data from sensors, a simulator is relatively static and inflexible.

However, the manufacturers have tried to make the software on the Diamex simulator as realistic as possible. This makes it possible for 2 (simulated) control devices to respond, as is the case in automatic vehicles. 3 parameters can be set via the existing potentiometer. A maximum of 9 fault codes can be activated using the buttons. Error codes can be deleted by the OBD command.

Connectors on the Diamex simulator:
A 12-volt power supply unit is required for operation. This not only supplies electricity to the simulator, but also a test device connected via the OBD2 socket.
The USB socket is used to update the simulator operating software and for configuration. Connection to the PC is not necessary for the pure simulation mode.

The simulator tool on the PC reads the current data on the PC. As well as the protocol and the number of controllers, it also displays the MIL status as well as the sum of the active fault codes on all controllers.

Manufacturer : DIAMEX
Factory number : DXSIM
Package weight : 0.66 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Car diagnostics
    • Design
    • Simulator
    • Technology
    • OBD2