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DNT INTEGRO 3,5 :: DNT Integro 3.5 reversing camera

RFK Integro 3.5

  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Vehicle reversing camera
    • Design
    • 3.5” colour display
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • 12 V DC

More safety when turning and parking: reversing camera system for simple DIY retrofitting

RFK Integro 3.5 ensures safety when parking and turning - ideal for mobile homes, off-road vehicles, estate cars, vans, trailers and other vehicles.

The mini camera is embedded in a custom-designed number plate holder and transmits the current camera image wirelessly to the 3.5" (8.89-cm) TFT colour monitor in the vehicle interior. The infra-red LED light enables safe parking, even in the dark and at twilight.

Complete package including mounting materials for easy DIY retrofitting

The TFT colour monitor receives images showing the events at the rear of the vehicle wirelessly at 2.4 GHz. It is mounted on the windscreen using the included suction cup. The existing number plate holder is replaced by the RFK Integro 3.5 bracket with integrated camera. The mini camera captures a wide viewing angle of up to 110°. Integrated infra-red LED lighting and a high light sensitivity of 0.3 lux provide bright images in the dark. Boundary lines and on-screen dimensions support the parking procedure.

Installation requires very little effort. Connection cable and mounting accessories are included with the delivery. Images are transferred wirelessly from the camera to the TFT colour screen, so no cables are required. The camera power supply is connected to the vehicle reversing light.

Improved safety in traffic and when parking

RFK Integro 3.5 is a safety upgrade for all vehicles with standard-size number plates. Even older vehicles, for which no standard camera or parking assistant is available, can be easily equipped with the reversing camera. Annoying parking dents and accidents are effectively avoided when reversing.


Wireless video transmission at 2.4-GHz frequency band

TFT monitor equipment

3.5" (8.89-cm) TFT colour screen with integrated wireless receiver
Different picture settings possible: video image can be displayed rotated 180° or mirrored
12-V/24-V power supply via cigarette lighter socket
Colour: black/silver

Mini camera equipment

Splash-proof camera integrated in a number plate bracket
1/4" (6.350-mm) CMOS image sensor
WIFI image transfer
High light sensitivity, minimum illumination 0.3 Lux
Wide viewing angle:
On-screen boundary lines and scale
Colour: black
Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Number plate holder dimensions: 528 x 137 x 40 mm
Power supply: via on-board vehicle circuit, connected via reversing light power supply

Included with delivery:
Mini camera in number plate holder, 3.5" (8.89-cm) TFT screen, mounting accessories, connection cable, user manual

Manufacturer : DNT
Factory number : 52122
Package weight : 1.1 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Vehicle reversing camera
    • Design
    • 3.5” colour display
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • 12 V DC