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AU 5071 :: Interface to connect an external audio source

AU 5071

allows you to connect an external audio source (eg. MD Portable MP3 player, iPod, laptop, etc.)
· Perfect for a Car PC laptop or DVD player
· Via the interface is the Aux Line unlocked In input of your radio, allowing the playback of external audio sources.
Easy plug and play installation!
With Integrated Electronics for changer simulation.
The cable is about 100cm long and goes to a 3.5mm plug fits all MP3 players.
The interface allows an external audio source (for example, DVD players, MD players, Laptop Mp3 and Mp4 players), etc. to your car radio anzuschliesen.
The interface is compatible and tested with factory radios:
VW: Alpha 5, Beta 5, Gamma, Gamma CD, Premium 5 Premium 6, Premier 4, MCD Navi, Navi MFD
Skoda: MFD Navi, MS 303, MS 501, MS 502, Symphony CD & cassette
Seat: Alana, Aura, Aura CD, Elba, Lena, Liceo, Scala, MFD
Audi: Chorus 2, Concert 1, Concert 2, Delta, Symphony 1, Symphony 2, Navigation Plus 1, Navigation Plus 2
!!! Adapter fits with radios with CD changer control !!!
The adapter is NOT compatible with:
Beta CC, CC Gamma, Delta CC
For some Audi radios another between adapter like this: Click here!
Or simply the ArtNr .: 2020 enter the online store in the search box.
(Interface is MADE IN GERMANY).
For these radio:
AUDI: CQ-JV1060L, RNS-E (16: 9), BNS 5.0, Chorus 3, Concert 3, Symphony 3
VW: MCD, MFD2-RNS 2, MFD2 DVD RNS2 DVD, R110, R100, RNS 300, RNS 500, RNS 510, RCD 200, RCD 210, RCD 300, RCD 310, RCD 500, RCD 510, Delta 6
SKODA: Nexus (16: 9), Columbus, Stream, Cruise, Rhapsody
SEAT: Navigation (16: 9) Audio system CD03, CD01 Altea, Altea CD02
Do we have an adapter: >>> Click Here <<< or Item. 5073 Search in the shop.

Factory number : 5071
Package weight : 0.046 kg
RoHS : conform
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