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AU 1220 :: DAB + antenna splitter adapter

AU 1220

This DAB + antenna splitter / adapter there is your normal rod antenna to use as a DAB antenna! Thanks to the design of this adapter is a convenient way for a quick conversion! Will save you install a separate DAB roof or window antenna! You just plug the normal aerial plug into the adapter socket and already splits the adapter the antenna signal via a high quality massive separating switch in the FM / DAB! The power of the integrated amplifier via the DAB connector of the radio! (Please make this, if present in the setup of your radio, "DAB ANT POWER" to "ON"! Prerequisite for proper function, an antenna rod length of 30-100cm! Not compatible disc antennas, bumper antennas and antennas with integrated amplifier! You recognize an active antenna to a ground into the antenna line remote power adapter!
Plug & Play
Compatible with DAB + radios!
Compatible with all fenders and automatic antennas!
Gilded SMB angle plug!
Excellent workmanship!
for unproblematic Tag!
simple Intsallation!
with integrated low-noise amplifier!
no unnecessary additional installation of DAB roof or window antennas!
for antenna rod lengths from 30-100cm!
1 x DAB + antenna adapter (black)
Technical specifications:
Antenna Adapter Length: about 34,5cm
1 x SMB Angle connector
1 x antenna connector
1 x antenna connector
Color: Black
Gain: 15-20dB
Power consumption: 6mA
Noise: <2dB

Factory number : 1220
Package weight : 0.031 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information