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FD 97807 :: FISCHER FIS VS 300T SBS, heavy-duty set

Item-No.: FD 97807
Category of goods: 1 = discountable

FD 97807

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    • FISCHER FIS VS300R heavy-duty set

Heavy-duty mounting set to attach:

• Awnings
• Satellite dishes
• Canopies
• Railings
• Consoles
• Wall cabinets
• Wash basins, toilets, etc.

Suitable for:

Perforated bricks (e.g. Poroton/Unipor)
Sandstone perforated brick
Hollow brick made of lightweight concrete
Solid brick/sandstone solid stone
Solid stone made of lightweight concrete
Natural stone
Aerated concrete (porous concrete), special drills required
Hollow ceilings made of bricks

The Fischer heavy-duty mounting set is a complete set for safe and easy mounting of heavy loads such as awnings, satellite dishes, canopies, etc. The set includes all the components needed for mounting: FIS P 300 T injection mortar, threaded rods, perforated sleeves as well as static mixers. It is therefore ideal for semi-professionals, handymen with a low or temporary demand for these materials, and ambitious DIY enthusiasts. The FIS P 300 T injection mortar used is a two-component polyester hybrid mortar in a cartridge that can be inserted in a sealant gun. The two components of the injection mortar are only mixed by the static mixer when pressed out.

Highest loads, even in perforated stone
Can be used universally in almost any building material
Easy and reliable mounting
Processing with standard silicone dispensing gun
Wide range of accessories
Work interruptions possible

Factory number : 097807
Package weight : 1.322 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • FISCHER FIS VS300R heavy-duty set