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TVI-HDMI :: TVI-HDMI converter


  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Interface converter
    • Design
    • TVI/HDMI

TVI-HDMI converter for converting a TVI signal to an HDMI signal

  • TVI video input (1080p with 25/30 Hz)

  • Pass-through TVI video output. Optional:

  • Composite BNC video output (CVBS) PAL/NTSC

  • HDMI video output (max. 1080p, full HD)

  • VGA and CVBS video output, also with HDMI

  • Video output can be operated simultaneously

  • All video outputs can be used at the same time

  • Adjustable output resolution

  • Status LED for quick and clear maintenance

This TVI-HDMI converter is used to convert video signals into a resolution up to full HD, e.g. converting TVI outputs from one or two surveillance cameras into an HMDI signal to allow the video to be displayed directly on a television or monitor with an HMDI input. An additional VGA and analogue output allows the device to be connected to other corresponding terminals. Using the loop-out function, the second BNC socket can also be used as a TVI video output, allowing the TVI signal to be looped to a TVI digital recorder.

Package weight : 0.456 kg
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Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Interface converter
    • Design
    • TVI/HDMI