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PURE ID-HE-1 :: HDMI Extender - PureID series


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    • HDMI Extender
    • Design
    • Solid metal housing

High speed HDMI extender

The Premium High Speed HDMI Extender ID-HE-1 of the PureID series has been specially developed for professional applications and fixed installations, and meets the highest standards in the multimedia sector. The latest electronics from PureLink guarantee full support of the latest HDMI signals including Deep Color, with full HDCP compatibility. The precision metal enclosure also protects the signal against EMI and is robust for field use.

Passive HDMI cables can transmit a 1080p signal up to a maximum of 20 metres depending on the quality. For greater lengths the signal loss is too large. Resulting in "digital snow", image interference or totally blank screens.

The PureLink HDMI Extender ID-HE-1 is HDMI-compliant and increases the maximum cable length between playback device and video source with full HDTV resolution up to 35m.

An additional power supply for the extender is not required. The required 5V voltage is supplied via the HDMI cable.

(The maximum transmission distance cannot be precisely defined and is dependent on various factors, such as the transmitting and receiving devices.)

• High Speed HDMI for 3D and HDTV resolutions up to 4K (2160p)
• Max. transmission distance 35m at 1080p
• Supports CEC and HDCP
• Premium all-metal housing
• No external power supply required
• Particularly suitable for professional installations and applications

Manufacturer : PURELINK
Factory number : ID-HE-1
Package weight : 0.061 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • HDMI Extender
    • Design
    • Solid metal housing