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FLUKE BT521 :: Fluke BT521 battery analyser


Fluke BT521

A new level of user-friendliness for testing batteries is taken to the next level with uncomplicated tests, a simple workflow and an intuitive user interface.

  • The Fluke battery analyser is the ideal measuring and testing device for maintaining, troubleshooting and performance testing individual fixed battery sets used for critical applications.

  • The intuitive user interface, compact design and robust construction ensure optimum functionality, informative test results and reliability.

  • The device offers numerous different test functions for batteries, from DC voltage and resistance measurements to measurements under full load conditions, using an automated test sequence. An infrared temperature measurement system is also integrated into the test probe.

  • The battery analyser is suitable for measuring all kinds of fixed battery sets.

BT521: For users who also need to measure temperature

Features and functions:
  • Battery voltage — during the internal resistance test, the device also measures the voltage of the batteries to be tested

  • Discharge voltage — with the discharge function, the voltage of each battery is monitored via load or discharge tests at intervals defined by the user. The user can calculate the time that elapses before the termination voltage of the battery is reached. The capacity loss can be determined based on this time period

  • Ripple voltage measurement — measures the unwanted AC voltage proportion of the rectified voltage in the DC and AC circuits. Allows AC power components in DC circuits to be measured and detection of one of the main causes for loss of performance and deterioration of batteries

  • Measuring device mode and automated test sequence — measuring device mode allows rapid measurements or troubleshooting. In this mode, you can read out and save the measured values in chronological order. The automated test sequence is designed for maintenance work on multiple power supply systems and battery strings. Before completing a task, the user can configure a profile for managing the data and generating reports

  • Threshold value and warning — the user can configure up to 10 groups of threshold values to be used as the basis for Pass, Warning, or Fail messages after each measurement

  • Measurement of the intercell connection resistance and data management — measures the resistance of the intercell connections in a battery string. After completing the measurements, the Fluke battery management software (version 1.0.69) can now generate a report on the intercell connection resistance of a battery string or the data history

  • AutoHold — when the AutoHold function is switched on, a measured value is recorded when the reading is stable for one second. The measured value is then released at the beginning of a new measurement

  • AutoSave — when the AutoSave function is switched on, measured values are saved automatically in the internal memory after an AutoHold measured value has been recorded

  • Fluke battery management software — allows data to be imported easily from the device to a PC. The measured data and the data from the profiles of batteries are saved and archived by the management software and can be used for comparison and trend analyses. All measured data, profiles and analysis data can be used to easily generate reports

  • Comprehensive logging — all measured values are automatically recorded during the tests and can be checked on the measuring device before being downloaded for analysis and documentation

  • Optimised user interface — the menu-driven setup ensures that the right data is recorded every time

  • Battery life — the 7.4-V, 3000-mAh lithium-ion battery lasts for more than eight hours of continuous operation

  • USB port — for rapidly downloading the files to be used with the application software included in scope of delivery for data analysis and report management

  • Highest safety rating — measurement category CAT III 600 V, max. 1000 V DC for safe measurements of the power supply from battery sets

  • Large, soft carry case

  • BTL21 — intelligent test probes with long and short probe tip extensions and integrated LCD display, plus loudspeaker for visual and audible feedback plus an integrated infrared temperature sensor for measuring the temperature at the negative pole in each battery test

  • Wireless data exchange with the Fluke battery analysis app (Fluke BA mobile), display of profile and corresponding measurement results from the battery analyser. Profile and test results can be sent via email in CSV file format

Included in the scope of delivery:
Battery analyser, four-wire probe tip (set), BTL10 basic measuring lead set, TL175 TwistGuard™ measuring leads with adapter, BTL21 intelligent test probe set with extension and temperature sensor, i410 AC/DC current clamp meter, BP500 lithium-ion battery, BC500 mains charger, mini USB cable, shoulder strap, belt strap, magnetic hanging strap, FlukeView® battery management software, soft carry case, spare fuses (two), battery tags, zero-ohm calibration resistor

Manufacturer : FLUKE
Factory number : 4489996
Package weight : 7.1 kg
RoHS : conform
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