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TEV 60090 :: Solar bird repellent

Item-No.: TEV 60090
Category of goods: 1

TEV 60090

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    • Bird deterrent
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    • Solar
Blackbirds, thrushes, finches, starlings...their songs are a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful morning.

And as pretty as these birds are, they are not welcome in our cherry trees and on our roofs because here they pose considerable risks to both children and adults.

The solar scarecrow from Gardigo helps to keep certain areas "clean". A range of 7 m is perfectly adequate for a house and its garden, and therefore ensures that neighbouring birds will not be disturbed. The device can also be directed towards certain areas as it does not automatically transmit in all directions.

The built-in motion detector senses animals within an angle of 110°and a range of 7 m. It then emits a high-pitched tone, which constantly alternates in a range of 23,000 - 50,000 Hz. At first, animals only perceive the sound unconsciously but over time they will look for a new, more comfortable location.

The sound is not harmful to animals. Depending on the animal, several days may be needed for the device to take full effect.

• Splashproof and suitable for outdoor use
• Solar powered, scares away birds such as pigeons etc.
• 2 flashing LEDs
• Alternating frequencies between 23 - 50 kHz
• Range of up to 7 m

Manufacturer : GARDIGO
Factory number : 60090
Package weight : 0.285 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Bird deterrent
    • Technology
    • Solar