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RPI S.USV BASIC :: The S.USV pi basic for your Raspberry Pi


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S.USV pi basic — uninterruptible power supply for all Raspberry Pi models

The S.USV pi basic version with integrated and adjustable charge function contains all features required for a perfect and constantly uninterruptible power supply for the Raspberry Pi. The best introduction to all Raspberry Pi models.

The S.USV pi basic is an advanced additional power supply module for Raspberry Pi, focusing mainly on the uninterruptible power supply of the single-board computer. The module also offers additional functions that allow the user to optimise the operation of the Raspberry Pi. Amongst other things, the module can adjust the integrated charging current to 300 mA (standard), 500 mA or 1 A, making the battery charging significantly faster.

The module is a fully functional plug & play solution. The S.USV pi basic power supply is connected to the Raspberry Pi via a J8 connector, therefore using a common voltage source. This means that no additional wiring or power supplies are required. The module is also fitted with a LiPo battery, which covers the necessary voltage range via a boost switching power converter so that the Raspberry Pi can shut down safely in the event of a malfunction and data loss can be prevented.

In order to ensure the Raspberry Pi’s uninterruptible power supply, the S.USV pi basic features a completely integrated monitoring system with a wide range of operating options. All possible operating statuses of the Raspberry Pi are monitored internally so that the module is always in a position to react to malfunctions accordingly. For example, if the power supply to the board computer falls to below an adjustable voltage threshold, the S.USV pi basic automatically switches to battery mode and maintains the functionality of the Raspberry Pi over a period of time defined by the user. It thereby bridges the power failure or, in the event of a long-term power failure, safely shuts down the single-board computer.

All of these functions work automatically. The user can also monitor and control all operating statuses or switching operations via software, including a mobile application on their smartphone or tablet.

Included with delivery
• S.USV pi basic
• 300 mAh LiPo battery
• Mounting kit

Manufacturer : SEPROTRONIC
Factory number : PRFE21000007
Package weight : 0.11 kg
RoHS : conform
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