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ARDUINO WS KIT2 :: Arduino Workshop Kit


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Arduino™ Uno Workshop Kit
The Arduino™ Workshop Kit contains all the required components for an Arduino™ Workshop. The workshop will help you to understand the functions of the Arduino™ Uno using a variety of basic electronic components.

1x straight pin header 40 x 1 (RM 2.54 mm)
1x plug-in board with 840 contacts
70x plug-in board cable bridges
10x 220-Ohm resistors, 1/4 W
5x 2.2-kOhm resistors, 1/4 W
5x 10-kOhm resistors, 1/4 W
5x 330-kOhm resistors, 1/4 W
5x 10-nF polyester capacitors
5x 100-nF polyester capacitors
3x 100-uF electrolytic capacitor, 25 V DC
1x 4.7-kOhm NTC
1x 70 - 100-kOhm LDR, VT90N2
3x 5-mm LED, red
1x 5-mm LED, green
1x 5-mm LED, yellow
1x 10-kOhm potentiometer
2x BC 547 transistor, TO 92
1x piezo buzzer
5x pushbuttons (12x 12 mm)
2x 4N35 optocouplers, DIL-6 enclosure
2x tilt sensors
1x diode, 1N4007

Manufacturer : ARDUINO
Factory number : A000028
Package weight : 0.337 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
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