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LS 12002 :: LUPUSEC-XT1 window/door contact

Item-No.: LS 12002
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LS 12002

  • Product Description
  • Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • XT1 window/door contact
    • Technology
    • Wireless IP
  • Measures
    • Depth
    • 18 mm
    • Height
    • 22 mm
    • Width
    • 82 mm

LUPUSEC-XT1 — the simple, secure IP wireless alarm system

• High-quality magnetic contact
• Small housing
• Tamper detection
• Radio transmission
• Status transmission
• Reliably reports the status of windows or doors
• Battery life approx. 2.6 years

Quick to set up, easy to use and accessible from anywhere at any time — via computer, tablet or smartphone. The LUPUSEC-XT1 is a true marvel of user friendliness and flexibility.

The heart of this newly developed alarm system is the alarm control panel, only 80 x 155 x 43 mm in size, which is easily connected to your router via a network cable.

The revolutionary, clear user interface of the LUPUSEC-XT1 allows you to access all the functions and settings of your alarm system from anywhere with your computer, tablet or smartphone. Want to check the alarm status while you're away? Or switch the alarm system on or off? Or just check that all the doors and windows are closed? No problem: all it takes is a glance at e.g. your smartphone and you can enjoy the rest of your day in peace.

A large number of alarm sensors are available for the LUPUSEC-XT1 alarm system. So you can connect door and window sensors, motion detectors, CCTV, glass breakage detectors, smoke and fire detectors, gas and water detectors or temperature sensors to your alarm system with just a few clicks. All sensors are connected to the alarm system via a sophisticated wireless system and reliably alert you when the status of a sensor changes. This also means that you do not need to lay cables for power or signals. Simply connect the control centre to your router, place the battery-operated sensors in the desired location and connect them to the control centre. Alarms can be sent via email, SMS or the global emergency call centre standard Contact ID protocol. If you have set up the appropriate services, you or your emergency call centre will be notified when an alarm is triggered. And, of course, you can easily integrate our video surveillance systems—such as IP cameras from the LUPUSNET series and recorders from the LUPUSTEC LE800 series—into the user interface of the LUPUSEC alarm system. For example, you can immediately check the condition of your premises via video surveillance after an alarm. Simple, right? And secure! Guaranteed.

Door/window contact:

The LUPUSTEC-XT1 door contact is a key element of the alarm system, and is used to secure a window or door. The contact consists of two elements. One of the elements is attached to the window or door, and the other element is attached to the frame. The sensor immediately detects when a door is opened or closed. Multiple door/window contacts can be integrated into one system (a total of 20 sensors can be connected to the LUPUSEC-XT1). Like all other components, the door/window contact is also battery operated and wirelessly connected to the alarm system. No cables for signal transmission or power supply via power supply unit are required. Simply attach the two elements and connect them to the system — done.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 82 x 22 x 18 mm (L x W x H)
Gross weight: 0.60 kg
Detection method: magnetic field measurement
Sensor type: read contact
Tamper monitoring: yes, by axis adjustment
Tamper indicator for the sensor in the control centre: yes
Status display: yes
Status monitoring by the control centre: yes
Status display in the control centre: yes
Battery level indicator in the control centre: yes
Status monitoring of the battery in the control centre: automatic
Radio frequency: 868.6625 MHz
Wireless output: max. 10 mW
Transmitter range: approx. 30 - 100 metres
Modulation: FM
Mounting options: screwed, glued
Power supply: 3.6 V 1/2 lithium battery
Average battery life: 2.6 years
Mounting location: windows, doors etc.

Included with delivery:
Window/door contact (2-piece) Battery
Screws and dowels Tape

Manufacturer : LUPUS
Factory number : 12002
Package weight : 0.064 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • XT1 window/door contact
    • Technology
    • Wireless IP
  • Measures
    • Depth
    • 18 mm
    • Height
    • 22 mm
    • Width
    • 82 mm