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PEAKTECH 2280 :: DC-Electronic Load with USB, 300 W

Item-No.: PEAKTECH 2280
Category of goods: 0


This newly developed electronic load with PC interface can be used in important testing procedures for quality assurance as well as e.g. the examination of power and control equipment, batteries, fuel cells and solar cells.
For precise load control for the various applications, this device provides Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), a Constant Resistance (CR) or a Constant Power (CP) as load control modes with a highly accurate resolution of 1 mW, 1 mV, 1 mohms and 1mA. In addition, the device
has several automated test modes, for example a battery test or the dynamic test. The PC interface and the Software allow freely programmable test sequences to be implemented.

  • digitally controlled electronic load up to 30 A

  • for DC voltages up to 360 V

  • 300 W input power

  • constant mode for voltage, current, resistance and power

  • high accuracy measurement LC-display

  • battery test mode

  • dynamic load test function

  • voltage Sense Input, external Trigger Input

  • Accessories: Power Cable, Manual, USB-to-COM Adapter, Software-CD

Manufacturer : PEAKTECH
Factory number : P 2280
Package weight : 4.9 kg
RoHS : conform
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