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AC ACC MONOPLUS :: Arctic Accelero Mono Plus

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Arctic Accelero Mono Plus

Accelero Mono PLUS is equipped with a universal mounting system that supports a wide range of VGA graphics cards. A 120-mm PWM fan and five heat pipes provide ultimate cooling performance and a virtually noise-free environment at all times.

Superior cooling performance
Accelero Mono PLUS operates at a maximum cooling capacity of 200 watts. It is equipped with a 120-mm PWM fan and five heat pipes, which can immediately deflect a large amount of heat. It ensures that the VGA graphics card operates at the optimal temperature, thus extending the life of the card.

Enhanced RAM and voltage transformer cooling
To ensure ultimate cooling performance, the Accelero Mono PLUS is equipped with an electrically non-conductive G-1 thermal adhesive. This is used to attach the RAM cooler and the cooler for the voltage converters. In comparison to conventional thermal adhesive pads, the G-1 offers significantly better thermal conductivity and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Virtually silent
Operated by a silent fan impeller in a patented fan bracket to reduce the hum level if the fan is spinning, the Accelero Mono PLUS can hardly be heard — even at full power. To guarantee a minimum noise level at all times, the PWM controller adjusts the fan to the optimum speed, according to the demands of the GPU.

The Accelero Mono Plus has a versatile mounting system and extensive RAM and voltage converter coolers to make it compatible with different graphics cards.

Manufacturer : ARCTIC
Factory number : DCACO-V430001-BL
Package weight : 0.515 kg
RoHS : conform
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