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IS 3-6456-5265-0 :: Fascinating electronics experiments for kids

Item-No.: IS 3-6456-5265-0
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IS 3-6456-5265-0

Electronics for Kids
Fascinating electronics experiments for kids

What is electricity? How do I get a light-emitting diode to light up? How does a switch work? What is a resistor? How do I use a capacitor? Electronics for Kids specifically fosters children's curiosity and packs tangible expertise into experiments that children can try out and encourage them to learn more. From light-emitting diodes, switches, motors or solar cells: Electronics for Kids shows how the world of electronics works. The next generations of technicians can perform their first experiments and create their own circuits using the components provided. For children eight years and above, Electronics for Kids provides child-friendly skills and descriptive experiments, fun with electronics and eureka moments. We want to turn children into electronics whizz-kids!
A total of 12 experiments clearly and technically explain the basics of electronics. The experiments range from closed circuits, parallel and series connections through to transistor circuits. Electrical energy is stored in a capacitor and makes an LED flash. All experiments are carried out with a positionable breadboard box included in the kit.
In addition you will need a 9-V battery.

Age: +8

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65265-0
Package weight : 0.483 kg
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