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IS 3-6456-5247-6 :: Abenteuer Natur und Technik - Das große Baubuch [Nature and tech

Item-No.: IS 3-6456-5247-6
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You've never been so close to nature! How does the angler fish find its prey in the deep ocean? How does the ancistrus catfish stick to a pane of glass? How do the tendons in the human hand work? Build your own mobile with glowing angler fish, protect your treasure like the red gurnard with an alarm system and dive into mysterious light in your room at night with the box jellyfish lamp. Nature provides the template for exciting craft projects. This book outlines scores of exciting ideas that are just so simple to reproduce in a few steps. All of the electronic parts you need are included in the kit. And no prior knowledge is necessary either!

A total of 13 ingenious construction projects, ranging from a skeleton's hand to a piranha magnifying glass. Contains all electronic components

This kit whisks children away into the world of electronics and shows how closely nature and technology are connected.
A total of 13 exciting electronics projects guarantee fun and turn technology into an exciting adventure.
Easy-to-understand building instructions and large, colour illustrations ensure that all steps are perfectly performed.

Included: LEDs, cables or motor — all electronic components you need for the craft projects are already included in the book.
In addition you will need: a 9-V battery (not included). The remaining materials can be found in every household.

CAUTION! Not suitable for children under three years of age. Risk of choking, as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.

CAUTION! Only suitable for children aged eight or older. Instructions for parents or other responsible persons are included and must be followed. Retain the packaging and instructions, as they contain important information! We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Manufacturer : FRANZIS-VERLAG
Factory number : 978-3-645-65247-6
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