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Bundle - Available only in German

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2.26 kg


The large maker box
RRP of EUR 189.80, available for just EUR 69.95 (RRP = recommended retail price)

Delivery overview:

Franzis IoT WiFi board "Pretzel Board" (ISBN: ) RRP EUR 29.95
Included with delivery:

The Franzis Raspberry Pi learning package (ISBN: 978-3-645-65245-2) RRP EUR 49.95
Included with delivery: plug-in board, 40 components, 192-page instruction manual

The Franzis Arduino Uno starter package (ISBN: 978-3-645-65023-2) RRP EUR 49.95
Included with delivery: protective box, 64-page manual, Arduino™ Uno board

Flashing-light shield with 20 LEDs for Arduino™ (ISBN: 978-3-645-65146-2) RRP EUR 25.00
Included with delivery: board with 20 individually controllable LEDs

Hannah"s 25 Raspberry Pi server (ISBN: 978-3-645-60330-0) RRP EUR 34.95
Included with delivery: 256-page instruction manual

Delivered in a standard box.

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2.36 kg


Everything that lights up and flashes!

It is that simple!
• Battery tester
• Flashing light circuit
• Continuity tester
• Humidity detector
• LED torches
• Signal lamps with LEDs
• Temperature sensor

Also required:
9-V block battery

Experiment without soldering irons! Simply plug components in —
And that"s it!

Get ahead in LED technology
• 25 real experiments
• With plug-in board, 10 resistors and 6 coloured LEDs
• Extra super-bright white LED for lighting
• Fast plug-in construction instead of soldering

18 components + 96-page experiment guidelines for 60 circuits

This educational kit gives you a quick start in LED technology and with electronics in general. Everything you need is included apart from a new battery (9 V). And then you can get started. Carry out basic key tests in minimum time,

with the focus on practical experiments. Along the way, you also learn the vital basics of circuitry through to calculating the required series resistors. You can perform numerous impressive experiments using just LEDs and resistors. Many of the self-built devices have lasting practical benefits. Build colour and white LED torches, test
devices and sensors and take advantage of the special characteristics of LEDs.
As if that was not enough: the breadboard can be expanded as required. Additional components, such as transistors, capacitors and integrated circuits, can also be used on the plug-in board. The enclosed manual, Schnellstart LEDs (A quick start in LEDs), includes numerous circuits and suggested constructions for simple designs and more challenging projects.

LED educational kit including experiment guidelines
For many people, experimenting with LEDs is their way into modern electronics. High-efficiency white LEDs, in particular, fascinate and motivate you to get building. The
first success stories are quick to follow.
Of course, you need to know some of the basics and theory.
What currents are allowed? Which voltages can you
use? How are the required series resistors calculated? The manual provides a thorough and practical introduction.
The topic of LEDs is so strongly associated with all areas of electronics that potential applications appear to be endless
. The manual also provides an overview and illustrates numerous circuits and building proposals.
From the contents:
· Basics of LED circuitry
Introduction to semiconductor circuitry
· Sensors, flashing circuits
· Power supplies and voltage converters
· Lighting using white LEDs
· Basic testing principles

Weight incl.:

0.34 kg


Producing electrical energy is this easy! - Generate electrical energy from chemistry, magnetism, light and heat.

Experiment without soldering irons!
Simply plug components in — and that"s it!

• With laboratory plug-in board and 25 components
• More than 35 detailed experiments
• With self-built computer measuring station
• With DC motor

Scores of simple experiments with
• Electrochemical
• Electromagnetic
• Electro-optical
• Electro-thermal energy converters
• Static electricity
• Vital energy

Also required:
9-V block battery

This educational kit enables you to work through the basics of electrical engineering. Using various technical systems for converting energy, you will gain a solid foundation for a better understanding of free energy research. Only those who experiment also develop a passion for the fascination of new electrical phenomena.
Every experiment is outlined in detail, so that even novices can achieve success quickly. The focus is on practical experimentation; theory is mentioned only to the extent necessary to carry out the experiments: practise makes perfect is the motto. Explore fascinating electrical phenomena:

• Aluminium foil and a pencil lead generate electricity

• Demonstrate charge using the electroscope

• Experiment with the vital energy of plant seedlings

• A bacterial battery is produced from micro-organisms and a biochemical cell

• A self-build electronic voltmeter with PC

• Charge separation using the electrostatic disc generator

The Free Energy educational kit is also an introduction into conventional electrical engineering. Through active experimentation, you will develop a solid basic understanding. Further experiments, such as those in the experiment manual provided, then expand your knowledge and skills. But be careful: Once you get the bug for free energy research, you will be hooked.
In addition to the components included in the educational kit, you will need a few more utensils generally found at home, e.g. aluminium foil or sticky tape.

Weight incl.:

0.34 kg


The Franzis educational kit: PIC microcontrollers

Get to know PIC® microcontrollers: start with switching on an LED using a button. Soon you will be testing analogue voltages and interpreting them as temperature or resistance. Highlight: Program directly into the microcontroller on the PCB using a bootloader tool. Introduction to C programming language.

• Complete hardware and software for programming and experimenting
• Board with PIC18F23K22 microcontroller, USB controller, touch keys and many components
• Programming and power supply via USB interface
• Microcontroller basics
• Introduction to C programming language
• Programming using MPLAB® in C
• All examples on CD
• Includes: board with components and CD-ROM and manual with 228 pages

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

• LED indicators• Logic gates• Electronic cube chaser light• Pitch and toss game• Traffic light controller• 7-segment display• Stairwell automatic function• Intelligent wiper controller• Continuity tester• Thermometer• Hardware controlled using PC• Dim an LED by touch• And much more

Weight incl.:

0.62 kg


Master the programming of control systems with 20 simple experiments.

• Includes microcontroller system on a universal control board
• 25 components
• 80-page manual

This educational kit allows you to easily create simple control programs. The button-programmable controller is easy to use and can be easily altered.
Suitable for compact application — following successful programming, you can implement the microcontroller in your own circuits.

The entire educational kit is of a high quality and extremely practical. The experiments have been conducted thousands of times, so you can be sure that everything will work in your own home. We guarantee: This Franzis educational kit delivers what it promises.

Required in addition (not included):
• Soldering iron
• 3 x 1.5-V AA batteries to supply power

Weight incl.:

0.29 kg


The Franzis educational kit: Introduction to electronics

This educational kit helps everyone get started in the world of electronics. Simple experiments guarantee success: from reading circuit diagrams and self-built power circuits through to LED lamps and test equipment. Includes all parts, software and manual. These projects are waiting for you:• Touch sensor• Dynamo lamp• Electric heating• Electric motor• LED flashing light• LED Lamps• Logic circuits• Autotracking• Test equipment• ...And much more!

Includes: 20 components, test cable, CD-ROM and experiment instructions,
Also required: four 1.5-V batteries

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.40 kg


The Franzis educational kit: Electronics with ICs

• 60 experiments and circuits to get you started working with ICs.
• 30 components, large breadboard + manual

This Franzis educational kit helps you gain a quick and well-informed start in the world of integrated circuits (ICs). This educational kit enables you to easily create practical sample circuits, related basic circuits and useful gadgets that are fun and make everyday life easier. Ideal for students and electronics fans who want to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.
This breadboard kit contains a large breadboard with over 800 slots, 30 components and an easy-to-understand manual that leaves no questions unanswered. You can therefore turn your electronics projects into reality. The kit covers more than 60 real-life experiments and circuits — with four operational amplifiers. Simply plug components in — and that"s it! No soldering required — and that is a guarantee!
Test circuits for all enclosed building elements are there to help you get started, which means you learn all about the most diverse areas of electronics: flip-flop circuits, sound generators, types of amplifiers, trigger circuits and many more.

This Franzis educational kit is characterised by its high quality and ease of use for beginners. All experiments have been tested for their practical nature and played through thousands of times. We guarantee: Franzis educational kits deliver what they promise — projects that really work!

These projects are waiting for you:

• Beacon
• Sensor button
• Humidity tester
• Environmental technology in use
• Construction site beacon
• Optical remote control
• Audio-visual ohmmeter
• Fire alarm and Kojak siren
• Electronic animal noises
• Percussion instruments
• Acoustic switch
• Mini seismograph
• Alarm systems
• ... And much more!

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

In addition you will need: two 9-V batteries (not included; please order separately)

Weight incl.:

0.50 kg


The Franzis educational kit: Experiments with Tesla energy

This Franzis educational kit contains two plug-in boards, 14 components and a 47-page manual with over 20 high-frequency experiments for beginners and advanced users.

• Learn all about wireless energy transfer in 20 experiments!
• Includes: 2 laboratory plug-in boards + 14 components + 47-page manual

Use this educational kit to work through the basics of high-frequency technology with the example of the legendary ideas and patents of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Can his visions of a wireless transfer of energy really be turned into reality? Experiment and draw your own conclusions. When you have completed these experiments, you will also understand the complex relationships of high-frequency technology.

Projects that really work
All experiments have been developed and optimised multiple times for an easy introduction and reliable success. The experiments can also be performed without having in-depth expertise. Success is guaranteed!

Easy-to-understand manual
The enclosed manual guides you from simple components through to the finished project, without bombarding you with lots of theory. Fun, practical experiments! Your success is ensured — and if you want to immerse yourself deeper in the subject, you will also find all necessary information to do so.

Build your own:
• Crystal oscillator and HF power amplifier
• Oscillators and resonance experiments
• HF indicator circuits with ultra-bright LEDs
• Dipmeter experiments with coupled circuits
• Magnetic and electrical resonance coupling
• Energy transfer to single-core wires

In addition you will need: 9-V block battery (not included)
Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.30 kg


Build your own engine that drives Audi, BMW, Porsche etc.!
Experience your V8 model in operation — enjoy the sound of a V8 engine — understand the technology behind it!

• 250-piece assembly kit
• Fully functional model
• Sound chip for original V8 sound
• Simulated ignition spark
• Richly illustrated manual

V8 engines are unique:
Their power, their sound and the cars they drive are legendary. Find out what is under the car bonnet of so many sports cars! It takes just 2.5 hours to build a fully functional model of an eight-cylinder engine. Finding out about the technology will give you and your family so much fun. The complete kit includes over 250 components and a richly illustrated manual that leaves no questions unanswered. Build a detailed, transparent model engine, in which all parts move precisely as they do on the real thing in Ferrari cars, TVR or McLaren.

The assembly kit
No bonding or soldering required! The decorative, transparent enclosure means all processes can be seen in your eight-cylinder engine: the pistons lifting and lowering as on a real engine. Even the ignition spark is simulated. Over 250 components, electric drive motor, crankshaft and the necessary tools such as a screwdriver or bolts...This assembly kit contains everything you need. It has never been so easy to build a realistic model engine. Just insert three 1.5-V batteries (AA) and away you go!

The manual
Your technical expertise will amaze others!
The extensive manual offers plenty of fun and skills. You will finally get to grips with technical concepts. Show that you are an engineer — what are you waiting for?
Using the step-by-step guide, you can build a real-sounding V8 engine for your workshop or living room.
Furthermore, you will learn everything you want to know about V8 engines and their special features — the history of the V8 legend AC Cobra — tips & tricks and much more.

Also required: 3x 1.5 V batteries (type AA)

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

1.93 kg


The electromagnetic pollution detector for your home — for those who want to know more!

How can you detect electromagnetic waves in the home? Which devices also produce electromagnetic alternating fields in standby mode?
Now you can build a highly versatile electromagnetic pollution detector and measure them yourself. There have always been electromagnetic alternating fields in nature. We first started harnessing these fields intensively, such as for radio waves, around 100 years ago. Many devices generate these kinds of fields unintentionally and with the increasing amount of technical equipment, more and more radiated emissions can be measured in your home. Using the electromagnetic pollution detector, inspect the electrical and magnetic alternating fields in your home or at the workplace. Expand your senses, as we cannot perceive EM fields using our five senses alone. Your curiosity is not only useful, but ultimately saves you money, as you can detect power-hungry equipment. Design relaxation rooms, bedrooms and children"s rooms with lower EM fields using the electromagnetic pollution detector.
This assembly kit makes it easy for you: the board is already populated.
You only need to solder the speakers, the LEDs, the adjustment control and aerials. Only a 9-V battery is required and away you go. Your device finds weak electric and magnetic alternating fields even at field strengths far below the statutory limits. The frequency range extends from 50 Hz to over 1000 MHz. Trace all frequencies that occur in your home from technological alternating current through to wireless telephony. Take charge and decide whether and what countermeasures you want to take against electromagnetic pollution in your home.

Dimensions of assembled device: 160 x 110 x 30 mm (W x H x D)
Power supply: 9-V block battery (for up to 25 hours of battery life), not included
Frequency range: 50 Hz to > 1000 MHz

In addition you will need: soldering iron and solder, 9-V battery for up to 25 hours of measuring time

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.20 kg


Thunderstorms seem to come out of nowhere and often have devastating consequences. Whether agriculture, in the home or outdoor sporting activities: you can only plan if you receive adequate warning. The Franzis storm alert helps to protect against storms.

Build your own storm alert!

This assembly kit makes it easy for you: the board is already largely populated, which makes the building process very easy. Protect your electronic storm alert from unwanted weather surprises with just a few steps. The device evaluates the electromagnetic signals of a storm in the frequency range around 500 kHz and thus detects when an electrical storm is in the air. Simple auxiliary experiments explain the correlations.

The storm alert — for everyone who does not want to stand in the rain

Three warning levels indicate how far away the storm is. Do not wait any longer than when the red LED lights up to initiate the final safety precautions. The low power consumption of the device ensures that you are protected throughout the summer. Simply place your device in the window and leave it switched on over the summer. You only need to install two batteries (AA) and decide now whether and what protective measures you want to take against the storm.

The additional experiments are also exciting

You can subsequently see whether a storm blew past during the previous night. Or observe storms at a greater distance and compare your results with online weather maps. There is also a simulation mode, which you can use, at all times, to check the device is working.

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Dimensions of assembled device: 160 x 110 x 30 mm (W x H x D)
Power supply: 2 x 1.5-V AA batteries/AA (not included)
In addition you will need: soldering iron and solder

Includes: assembly kit with enclosure

Weight incl.:

0.15 kg


Do you want to send your friends a message without your little brother interfering? Do you want to swap secret messages, encrypt your messages, so that only your friends can understand them?

A total of four ingenious construction projects

This kit ensures you have just the right equipment! Send secret light signals, build your own torch or devise a secret code that only you and your friends can decipher. Snoops stand no chance thanks to the secret ink!
By children for children

This kit includes everything SmartKids (from eight years and above) need to create a true adventure involving spies and agents. Cool projects from the world of electronics make technology understandable the fun way. All electronic components can be found in this workshop box. All remaining materials are available in every household.

In addition you will need: 1 x 9-V battery as well as some household materials

CAUTION! Not suitable for children under three years of age. Risk of choking, as small parts can be swallowed or inhaled.

CAUTION! Only suitable for children aged eight or older. Instructions for parents or other responsible persons are included and must be followed. Retain the packaging and instructions, as they contain important information! We reserve the right to make technical changes.

Includes: metal box, components, instructions

Weight incl.:

0.17 kg


The metal detector for at home, amateur use and adventures

Have you ever lost a precious metal object in the garden or on the beach? Trace hidden or lost metal objects!

Discover the incredible possibilities of the Franzis metal detector. Now you can build your own metal detector and test where electrical lines or water pipes have been laid in the wall or where metal objects are located in your immediate environment in the garden or on the beach.

The Franzis metal detector is assembled in a few simple steps. The assembly kit can be built, even you have little previous experience of soldering, as the board is already populated.

The remaining components can be quickly connected.

You still need a few household materials such as yoghurt pots, adhesive tape and adhesive and your metal detector is ready to use.

You can change the device sensitivity using the adjustment control. Light-emitting diodes can serve as an indication of the type of detected metal. Of course, the metal detector also issues an acoustic signal.

You will need the following to build the metal detector:
soldering iron, solder, wire cutter, universal adhesive, adhesive tape. A 9-V block battery is required to operate the metal detector.

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.16 kg


The Franzis educational kit: Introduction to electronics with operational amplifiers
Unpack and get started straight away

Operational amplifiers were originally developed for analogue computers and can perform complex computing operations quickly with precision. Today, they are important components in electronics. Make the most of the potential concealed in these small all-rounders and discover their possibilities. Thanks to the Franzis educational kit Introduction to electronics with operational amplifiers, this is possible in an instant.
It has never been so easy and exciting to perform experiments with operational amplifiers. Each experiment can be performed in no time at all using the detailed circuit plans and construction drawings. If you want to know more: A glance at the detailed manual resolves all questions that crop up in relation to how individual circuits work. Take it step by step until you can start developing your own circuits and turning them into reality.
These projects are waiting for you:• Touch sensor• Autotracking• Flash light• Light sensor• Time delay• Twilight switch• Temperature sensor• Temperature comparison• LED indicators• Release light• Light-controlled indicators• Lie detector• Flickering candles• And much more

Includes: 24 electronic components and 68-page manual
Also required: 9-V block battery

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.31 kg


The Franzis educational kit: Electronics with transistors

It"s just so easy! Transistors are one of the most important components found in electronics. This educational kit ensures getting started in the complex world of electronic components is child"s play. From person detectors, vibration sensors to flashing lights or electronic gratings, electronics suddenly become effortless and entertaining. A total of 25 projects invite you to have fun with experiments. What are you waiting for?
This breadboard kit not only provides the basics of transistor circuit technology, but also offers pure fun. Electronics are brought to life. And before you know it, you will be able to realise your own ideas, design your own circuits and come up with your own inventions. Anyone who needs it can use the detailed circuit diagrams and construction drawings. Or just build away. Insert components according to the plan — and it all works straight away.
These projects are waiting for you:• Touch sensor• Light sensor• Person detector• Vibration sensor• LF amplifier• Tone generator• Alternating indicator• Sensor switch• Flash light• Electronic Cricket• Three-phase indicator• And much more

Includes: 26 electronic components and 68-page manual
Also required: 9-V block battery

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Weight incl.:

0.31 kg