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OBD DIAMEX DX45 :: DIAMEX DX45 OBD2 handheld scanner

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    • Car diagnostics
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    • 3-line display
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DIAMEX DX45 handheld scanner for all OBD2 protocols and for all vehicles with OnBoardDiagnostics = OBD2

Cars from year of construction 2000 onwards for petrol and 2003 onwards for diesel.

German and English menu texts and fault description in plain text.

Does not require computer, notebook or batteries. OBD2 vehicle diagnostics have never been so simple! Plug in and diagnose. And that's it! The appropriate OBD2 protocol is determined by the built-in microprocessor independently and fully automatically. Identify, pick out and delete faults and determine their causes using the saved fault environment; these are the highlights of this compact, modern measuring instrument. You can now check live sensor data safely and quickly, as well as the condition of the fault memory, which can be checked prior to the inspection and reset if necessary. And the little genius knows best: well over 500 (!) fault codes are displayed in plain text, scrolled on the state-of-the-art display. In addition to the well-known short code. It really couldn’t be simpler. Even your workshop will look twice.

Shapely measurement device design in saffron. Very robust housing. Workshop-compatible.
Ultra-modern, three-line LCD display with active backlight also in matching colour (saffron).
All OBD2 protocols are supported:

• ISO9141-2
• KWP2000 5 baud init
• KWP2000 fast init

Integrated fault tracking system with more than 500 German and English selectable fault codes in plain text.
Intelligent and intuitive menu navigation with two buttons.
Very easy to handle:

Deletion of the MIL-fault indicator in the instrument cluster
Delete/view fault codes
A selected free-frame environment (fault environment) for the fault code can be called up for deeper fault analysis.
Live digital data can be read directly from the computer.
Highlight: For quick diagnostics, error codes are displayed as a block of numbers and scrolling clear text. Languages available are German and English.
Also ideal for gas vehicles.
No battery required. Draws its energy from the circuitry on board the vehicle under diagnosis.
Includes a high-quality OBD-2 standard connection cable.

Completely manufactured in Germany.

Package weight : 3 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • Car diagnostics
    • Design
    • 3-line display
    • Technology
    • OBD2