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AU 5961 :: Car Radio Bluetooth module interface 8 pin mini ISO

AU 5961

Do you dream of independence your own collected works of music through your smartphone in your car play? This module allows you to connect an external audio source, for example, Spotify, via Bluetooth enabled devices (eg. As a smartphone, tablet, iPad Air 2, laptop, etc.) It does not matter to which audio source is, the dream of unique music experiences is true! It is possible to play your music through the Bluetooth function of the mobile / smart phones on the car radio to streamen.Das mean for you comfortable enjoying your very own choice of music, with the freedom the Wireless !!! After installing the Bluetooth interface everything is installed cleanly, without any cable is visible, unlike conventional ones AUX adapters where it is often the case. Wireless Stream On! One of these great feeling of freedom it is when you, for example, Open in the summer at the lake your top and have your favorite song in the ear! Special moments need special music! Here, the car radio can be operated as usual. It recorded no loss of quality or functional limitations! Particularities:
Plug & Play
Function through Bluetooth enabled devices
Proposal has no functional limitations of the car radio
allows you to connect an external audio source
it is possible from your phone to the car radio to stream
very easy installation
integrated electronics for changer simulation
Locating a specialist workshop is unnecessary
Installation can be performed by any self
!!! Adapter fits in car radios with CD changer control !!!
The interface is compatible and tested with the following manufacturers Radios:
Audi: Chorus 2, Concert 1, Concert 2, Delta, Symphony 1, Symphony 2, Navigation Plus 1, Navigation Plus 2
VW: Alpha 5, Beta 5, Gamma, Gamma CD, Premium 5 Premium 6, Premier 4, MCD Navi, Navi MFD
Skoda: MFD Navi, MS 303, MS 501, MS 502, Symphony CD & cassette
Seat: Alana, Aura, Aura CD, Elba, Lena, Liceo, Scala, MFD
Adapter is not compatible with: Beta CC, CC Gamma, Delta CC
Online Shop the Item No. 2020 Enter the search field -. Some radios have an intermediate adapter is necessary
For the following, other car radio models in our shop under the item number 5963 a suitable adapter to find:
Audi: CQ-1060L JV, RNS-E (16: 9), BNS 5.0, Chorus 3, Concert 3, Symphony 3
VW: MCD, MFD 2 RNS 2 MFD 2 DVD RNS 2 DVD, R 110, R 100, RNS 300, RNS 500, RNS 510, RCD 200, RCD 210, RCD 300, RCD 310, RCD 500, RCD 510, Delta 6
Skoda: Nexus (16: 9), Columbus, Stream, Cruise, Rhapsody
Seat: Navigation (16: 9) Audio system CD03, CD01 Altea, Altea CD02
Technical specifications:
Dimensions module: about 22.0 cm
8 pin mini ISO connector
1 x Interface Bluetooth module 8 pin mini ISO connector
1 x installation guide (is available for download) >> Click here <<
The password for the download, the installation instructions located in your account!

Factory number : 5961
Package weight : 0.03 kg
RoHS : conform
Technical information